My Over-Letter Tweets While 2021 Begins

What I thought but couldn’t post in a single tweet, in January, 2021.

Opn P. Chang
Jan 27 · 2 min read
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chill하게 삽시다

0. Revue by Twitter

I utterly knew nothing about this acquisition; meanwhile, I focused Medium’s acquisition of Glose, because I use Medium as an enhanced Twitter, rather than a blog, when letters exceed a single tweet limit. By the way, as you know Twitter’s snafu algorithm, criteria, behavior and attitude, they purposely prevent us from seeing thumbnails which are linked to Instagram, on a timeline.

So far seemingly, they do the same thing there Revue. See below.

Voilà. How about that? (Damn!! Medium, too.)

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Buckwheat noodle with takoyaki by Fuji Soba (名代 富士そば)

1. Trump’s accounts lockup

It’s exactly correct that, in terms of FATF, some trade/financial-related companies like Stripe and banks ban someone’s account which is used by a terrorist, criminal and any other harmful person. In the meantime, otherwise, other providers ought to judge it on themselves with no pressures even if it ends up with the same result.

2. Japan’s Postwar Renaissance?

The unconditional surrender by Potsdam Declaration might be, in a way, sort of successful experience for us Japanese, and therefore it won’t be surprised that many citizens believe, deep inside, “meh, thing’s gonna be right” even if a lot of problems are postponed since we made a quick recovery after all.

3. Jack Dorsey

(The following is a rare English tweet of mine. Usually in Korean/Japanese.)

4. COVID-19+ situation

5. Inauguration Day

Something like speech and poem is just a skill in and of itself. Someone who can do well is good at it, well-trained, or gifted as long as they perform it. Which means just like that. Nonetheless, our(?) PM Suga really sucks, extremely, incredibly.

Anyway, 2021 is definitely the year of COVID vaccination although Japan is getting behind preceding countries such as US, UK and the amazingly-jabbing Israel. Stay safe, healthy and sanitized until most get a — required twice — jab.

Lingua Farda

In the name of lingua franca, just a blog in vandalized…

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