About Cultural Difference

“Are you the only child in your family?”said an old white lady sit behind me,“I heard that in China, families are only allowed to have one child.”

“Yes, I am the only son in my family, and unfortunately only kids in my generation are born to be the only kid in family.”I answered in a frowning face.

This is definitely not the first time some body ask me question about “One child policy” in the U.S. .Seems like American people are very interested in this policy, even it has already been abolished for two years.

A truth can not be ignore is — our two countries, the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America are representative of east and west, socialism and capitalism,developing and development. Sounds like we would become enemies with each other forever due to our ideology conflicts? The truth is, we are friends with lots of difference.

“Do you believe in god?”a domestic student stoped me in front of the main gate of U-cen“God bless you!Would you like to join our……”

“Thank you, but I am busy right now, sorry.” I replied with a prepared answer.

Most Chinese people especially young people like me are Atheists. We were educated that there is no god in this world to save us from suffering, our ancient mythology story told us an ancient engineer lead the people to fight with flooding by building water cannal instead of the story of Noah’s Ark. It is kind of shy for us to say we believe in any kind of god. However, I do appreciate that American people’s core value on maintain social relationship with religion belief.

We are different people, but we also share some similarities, that is we all interested in each other’s culture and we do make money together. I think that is enough for us to build up our relation ship.

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