Difference in culture between China and America

Walking into American life, I gradually feel a welcoming atmosphere. More people would like to greet and smile with me actively and they always invite me to take all kinds of activities which is truly interesting. Different country has their own culture. As far as I am concerned, the China meal style and studying method are extremely different from America’s.

To start with, China meal style is not similar to America’s. In China, people always get together with large groups and enjoy the meal for a long time, and they always talks about their works or families’ problems. They regard meal as a chance to chat and share opinions with others. In contrary, American would like to choose to eat food made quickly and they like to enjoy small-group meal. Also they usually share their happiness with others, so that the eating atmosphere is relatively relaxing. In my opinion, I prefer American meal style, for I can truly enjoy the delicious food and chat with friends easily instead of getting crowded or thinking a lot to solve other problems. Eating meal is virtually relaxing activity.

In addition, China studying methods are also not same as America’s. Parents and teachers in China are always strict with their children, for they always press them to finish their homework. Also people are asked to learn extra course to gain more studying experience and improve their skills on the weekend. American, however, always finish their study tasks initiatively, for they have developed a sense of doing homework on time when they are growing. What’s more, students have no homework and tasks on weekends, so that they can spend more time on their interest, like sports or social communicate. As for me, I hold that students can benefit more from American studying method and enjoy their life. Otherwise, students under big pressure would lose interest on study, even giving up continuing taking classes or finishing their homework.

To sum up, difference of culture in China and American makes our study life more challengeable. We have to learn to accept it and solve the mistakes if getting trouble.

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