What I Have Learned after I been United States

Since I have been United States for one year, I learned a lot of things such as arrangement the schedule and study by myself.

In the first quarter, because of the time difference, sometimes I could not get up to go to school, and I missed the iclicker scores. After the first week, I noticed this problem, and I wanted to make some change, so I set up that I need to sleep at 11 o’clock and got up to go to the class. For the long time, I need the importance of arrangement the schedule, so I arrange many things like what time to eat lunch and dinner, and finished the assignment early not wait for the due day, so my schedule is arranged in good order.

In the second quarter, I have 21 units class, including the Econ. I do not have enough time to review this class because the other classes are my professional courses, so I asked help for the other people and I said yes to help me review before the midterm. But before one day of the midterm, he had the other things, and might come back late, so I wait for him and played the phone without reviewing, at 12 o’clock he came back, and it was too late, so we were slept, and I make the low scores in the midterm, after that, I knew that I needed to study by my own, not just depend on the other.