What I have Learned in the United States

I have been studying and living in the United States for about one month as a freshman. A month seems very short, but I really learned a lot since I’v been here. The most important one is to become active.

I used to sitting in the back of the classroom and nodding my head while having a section. Neither did I raise my hand to answer the question nor ask a question. I just sit quietly and take nots in class. I can get a A by taking the quizzes and tests instead of any participation in class. However, when I start my courses in UCSB, things have changed. In the first day of class, the professor gave us a syllabus about the division of grades and schedule of the semester. I was surprised when I see the participation in section has almost 15 percent of the total grade. Our professor even repeated over 5 times to emphasize the importance of being active. I felt worried after that. Asking questions in class seems embarrassing to me and I’m so nervous about that. In the second section, I sat on my sit anxiously and could not persuade myself to raise my hand. After the class, I was so sad. The pace of the semester is quick that I decided to make some change. I started to answer the simplest question in class and answer the question with fellow students. My voice is getting louder and louder and I’m more confident about the answers, even though no matter the answers are right or wrong. In the next several weeks, I’m getting used to participate in class activity that speak out what I want to say.

I truly learned being active in class is essential for my grades. By making little step to a big progress, there is still long way for me to learn. Just like my favorite star Kris Wu says, “ take my time, step by step.” There is still 4 years college for me to learn up coming new things, I’ll just take care and try my best!