My Thought About UCSB

Prior to arriving UCSB, I was lost, I don’t know what to do to get ready for my university life. I feel confused about my life then, I don’t know if I can feel comfortable to a new environment. Also, culture differences are another serious problem to me. I never come to USA before I come to UCSB, this means I know nothing about America culture.

Since I have been UCSB for three quarters, I start to understand how is America society works and how to make some new friends. I feel much confidence than before. However, I still have few problems about my daily life. As a Chinese people, I cannot really accept our school’s dining hall, the food sucks and it is very different to our traditional Chinese food. If we chose to eat at IV, the price is another issue to us. Sometimes I am still feel lost because my family is not here, I will always miss my parents, the only way is to use WeChat or have a video call to my parents. Another problem is transportation. Since we are new here, the first quarter we can just use buses or Uber, it is inconvenient for us to get from school to market place. However, after having a car, I must pay the insurance fee, the price to international student is really high, as four times as a native driver. For my study, I feel tired because I need to more effort than a native speaker. For example, when I take physics class, I need to search for almost every special-use word. After doing this, I also need to understand what it is and translate the word into Chinese. That spends me so much time. this is the reality I am facing now.

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