New place, new life.

Before arriving to UCSB, I had been excited for several months because this is also the first time to come to USA. I had been to many countries but due to some factors, I always missed chances to travel around America. Thus, studying in UCSB seems to be very important to me. I still remember that night when I had been prisoned on the plane for about 16 hours and shook on the bus for about 4 hours, I finally arrived at UCSB and could not find anything to eat better than tacos and freezing spite. I immediately realized that my American dream had been broken. The public transportation is not convenient at all that we need to spend about 35 minutes waiting for a bus. I planed to get a perfect GPA when I planed for my four-year university study. However, courses are not as easy as it used to be in high school and I have to spend extra energy to learn it by myself. Sometimes, when I finished studying at night, I had to deal with a sense of nostalgia. Once for a while, I even doubted myself that whether I have depression or not.

However, right now, I am getting use to this lifestyle. Hostly, I did not how to use a washing machine before I came here. But now, I can not only know how to use it, but also cook delicious food. Now, I learn to understand that I should be strong enough to walk independently in the rest of my life. I should plan ahead because there are always some emergency appearing which hindered the process of the thing happens. Taking the priority is always better than waiting for a chance even though you are not confident enough but it worths a try. I can chat with my friends when I am upset. And my roommate always gives me a hand when I am in trouble. Everything seems to be in a better condition. I would be proud of myself, if I had known that I could be much independent than I used to be.

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