The Real California, The Real UCSB

Prior to arriving at UCSB, I thought California was a place that would never rain, but the reality is that I still need a raincoat during winter. Before I came to Santa Barbara, I thought UCSB was a school that has a beautiful campus, but the reality is that the campus is not so good. Before I started my college life, I thought I can be a elite in Economy major, but the reality is that I got a “C” last quarter, and I changed my major from Economy to Global Studys. Life is unpredictable. I came to UCSB with my best friend, but our relationship went awry because we had lots of problems and arguments living together. Last but not least, I thought it would be hard to get Chinese food in Santa Barbara, what surprise me is that there are several good Chinese restaurants in downtown. My life is completely different to my expectations. I had start to spend more time enjoying life, I learned how to shot and how to dive, I went to Alaska to chase the aurora, and I jumped out of a plane from 18,000 ft. Instead of spending all my time studying, I choose to devote more time enjoying life. I am planning a tour to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, and I want to do more in the future. Although there are lots of things that are completely out of my expectations, I still not regret to come here. Since I enjoy my life now, there is nothing for me to regret. I love UCSB, and I love Santa Barbara.