When Google Translate Is Not Enough For Translation


Aiming global audiences more easily than… ever! A business can easily enters global market with just double clicking. Some businesses choose english as a global language but is globalization really means one language? Have you seen Coca-Cola Company in India only in English? Or which language Facebook operates in Finland?

Globalization or internationalization means, providing local language content to attract more local audience! Many companies tries to accelerate the internationalization process with automated localization aka Google Translate or similar machine translation services. But is that enough?

Machine translation technology basicly uses statistical algorithms that are based pattern matching. But there is one big, major problem: Relying on algorithms and simple patterns are not %100 accurate. Because machine translation and human translation are too different.

translation fail sample

Can you rely on automated translators?

When an automated translator convert a single word or a sentence to another language, it’s just a simple text translation. Translation process needs rules, algorithms and a professional judgments. Businesses needs more flexible and assuring touches, preferrably with university degrees or atleast experiences. Which automated translators can not provide. We still can not rely on automated translating services such as google translation. Not yet anyway. Maybe in 20 years when AI fully understands our nature force us out of business. But not today.

What if human translation service is still not enough?

Lingulise offers not only human translation services for your apps and games, also provides native interpreters for localizing your content(app&game&app store descriptions). Which means your business could finally start talking in several languages on native level! Not in machine translation language. And not in human translation language but professional, native-level language.

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