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Premium Tailor-Made IT, Human centric services


In the future, the world will be run by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the fastest growing field in the tech world. It has been predicted that by 2035, AI will be a trillion dollar industry. This is a big deal because AI is going to be used by every industry, from Apple to healthcare. The tech world is witnessing a boom in the AI market with a large number of companies investing in AI. Some of the bigwigs in the tech world include Google’s DeepMind and Tesla’s Elon Musk.

OpenAI: an Elon Musk’s company

Elon Musk is a man who has a lot on…

Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana — the three tools included in the ELK open source software stack (or Elastic Stack) — are now familiar to everyone in the IT industry.

Many users — including large data consumers such as data scientists and data analysts — rely on the exceptional performance of these tools for their data integration, search, and visualization needs.

The ever-increasing quantity and size of data (Big Data) from various but often substantial sources (Data Lakes) must ultimately be centralized within a single system that offers both flexibility and security.

In the example of integration of Elasticsearch on AWS

Load-testing is the process of testing a system or application under heavy load. Load testing is important to ensure that the system or application will be able to handle the load during the peak hours. Load testing is essential before placing your application into production.

With the rise of the cloud, application architecture is becoming more complex and some micro-services are beyond your control. That’s why testing your application before making it available to your end users is more important than ever. The main rule is that you should test your application as much as possible.

For a successful load-testing campaign, you need to prepare for several things :

  • How many users you…

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If you are a developer, you may know what is OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Top 10. It is the Top 10 list of the most critical security risks to web applications. It is periodically review. The latest version is the OWASP Top 10 2017.

For example, Injection is the A1 in OWASP Top 10 2017. The website details the risk, how the attacker can proceed, what are the risks and how to prevent.

In this article, we explain in few words the idea behind the issue A9–2017 in the OWASP Top 10 2017. Then, we will integrate a…

During the life-cycle of an application in continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines, we need to build, test, and deliver. The testing phase is the most important and each kind of tests has its specificity. In this article, we deal with code quality tests, such as static code analysis and code coverage, for PHP applications using SonarQube and Gitlab CI.

First, we take our time to create the building stage of the application in Gitlab CI. Then, we focus on the testing stage and code coverage. Furthermore, we are looking how to deploy SonarQube using Docker. …

Have you ever deployed any resources on Google Cloud ? Did you ever have to repeat the process of deploying the same resources over and over ?

There are different tools you can use to automate the deployment of your resources on Google Cloud; most people will appreciate “Terraform” which is cloud-agnostic and very practical if you need to automate your infrastructure deployment and make it portable to multiple cloud providers.

Another way to automate your deployment on GCP is to use Google Deployment Manager.

Deployment Manager acts like Terraform in a certain way.
It allows you to group your…

Many people look for a container orchestrator and choose Openshift for its features, security, performance, and you may be among them.

In this article, I will present you how to quickly deploy an application on Openshift.

There are many examples on the Internet on how to deploy applications on Openshift through the Web Console or with the CLI but how can you deploy by respecting good practices ?

Indeed, deploying applications using the Web Console or CLI is quite simple. But deploying hundreds or even thousands of applications, knowing the status of the deployments and their version - this is…

The Public Cloud fascinates me. It gives off an image where everything is simple, where the problems related to the infrastructure are disappearing, giving a way to magic. The most impressive thing is that this promise is also a reality, it is possible and easy to build a new operationnal environment in five minutes.

Is that a good thing? Yes of course, it is a formidable vector of acceleration for innovation in many cases.

Is it always that simple? Unfortunately not, in the context of a company, it is necessary to have the control, to build an infrastructure that will…

This is a very simple and easy tutorial to deploy your first GKE Cluster. In this tutorial, we will perform the following actions :

  1. Deploy a Kubernetes Cluster with 2 nodes
  2. Create a simple docker image and push it to a google container registry (
  3. Deploy the docker image to the Kubernetes Cluster


1. Deploy a Kubernetes Cluster with 2 nodes

Once you’re logged in the Google Cloud console, open a Cloud Shell to execute the following commands

In this article, I will present an example of an enterprise grade Azure infrastructure, based on the hub and spoke model, with multiple AKS environments.

There is a lot of examples on Internet to learn how quickly build an AKS cluster on Azure but it is often without worrying about security or corporate integration concerns. It’s good for making some tests but not really made for production or usage at scale.

With this example, I propose to build an infrastructure with a dedicated AKS cluster for each of the environments while controlling service exposition and using a unique and secured…


Premium Tailor-Made IT, Human centric services

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