Networking: An Art Of The 21st Century

In today’s day and age — hard to get by without networking. So let’s take a look at how to.

We are beings of the modern age, an age where communication and networking has become so easy and convenient, it almost flows seamlessly in our lives. It comes as a shock that given the evolutionary and developmental significance of networking, people still don’t realise the importance of it.

We, at LinkCards do.

We live in 2017, an era in which the people you know can either make or break your career, and yet, much importance hasn’t been given to the art of networking. For example, every person that we meet, be it a high-ranking official, colleague, or a friend, could be instrumental to our careers and businesses in incomprehensible ways. 
This is precisely why we need to pay much more attention to the art of networking more than anything else.

Let’s look at how and why should effective networking be a part of our daily lives, and, what sets it apart from the rest.

What makes networking unique is that the value of networking is embedded in its results, and therefore, one should be mentally ready to reap its benefits before setting their mind onto it. Suffice it to say that the network of people that you have is as important as your net worth.

To illustrate the importance of networking further, you may possess many degrees and have varied talents, but, if people don’t know you and aren’t aware of your existence, then all those degrees and talents won’t be of much help.

Like they say, it isn’t always about what you know, it is also about who you know.

This is exactly why networking is valued above many other things. How do you do this? You put yourself and your image out there as this will attract the right people and will ensure that you make the right and appropriate connections.

Apart from the success booster, another way in which networking has made 21st Century better is by giving an outlet to our social instincts. Networking facilitates good relationships and even better chances of success. Networking thus helps in achieving fame among people and success- a prized possession of thousands. However, networking isn’t as easy as it sounds and requires time and efforts. Despite the difficulties, the results are worth it and with time, who knows, you could even become a pro at networking!

With the interesting aspects also come the flip side to it. Hate to break it to you but networking isn’t always as glamorous and interesting as it sounds, sometimes it can be downright boring. Given the pivotal role of networking in our lives, overcoming some boredom is not a big deal. To help you combat this boredom and become more effective at networking, here are a few tips:

  1. Networking is always a two way street. You have to be at our receptive best and try to engage the other person in a fruitful conversation. This will ensure that they remember you and will be interested in you as well.
  2. Filter through the contacts that are available to you and find out the people that can contribute the most to your success. It is impossible to form a network with everyone that you meet, hence, the filtering process becomes really important here.
  3. Just going out of your comfort zone and meeting people is not enough, for effective networking, you should develop the receptivity to new ideas and experiences. Effective networking lies in the optimum use of verbal and nonverbal communication, both of which need to be mastered by the networking enthusiast.
  4. Today, you could also make use of social networking. Platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are extremely popular and will help you gain much information on prospective business associates.

Networking may seem like an arduous and time consuming process, especially in the time crunch we face, but, digital superiority and convenient portability can transform the way networking functions. This is why Linkcards is here to help you in your business venture. Be it friends, colleagues or even business associated, no longer do you need to spend time passing your business cards with the fear that they may lose it.

With Linkcards, you can digitally send them your business cards and these cards will be safe in their digital wallets, so as your new connections will be in yours. Linkcards is here to help your businesses flourish. So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot.

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