Linkdrop Smart-Contract Bug Bounty

Help Us Bring Linkdrop to Ethereum Mainnet

We are happy to announce that we have deployed the refactored architecture of Linkdrop to the Rinkeby Testnet — try it now out at

To make the Ethereum Mainnet launch happen as soon and smooth as possible, we need your help on the Linkdrop Bug Bounty.

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Scope of Bug Bounty

Smart-Contracts within scope

Smart-Contracts not within scope

Rewards & Rules

  • Minor bugs, making Linkdrop behave in an unexpected harmful way, without putting any funds at risk, will be rewarded with 100 DAI.
  • Critical vulnerability bugs, allowing 3rd parties to steal or lock up funds will be rewarded with 500 DAI.
  • First come first served, only the first to identify a specific minor or critical bug will be entitled to receive the payout.
  • Send your submission, to and include your ETH address.
  • Expected duration, 1 month starting from today.

Responsible Disclosure

  • Make sure that you do not share your submission public until we have confirmed it to you, or else you will be disqualified.
  • Issues already known to us or issues already submitted by another user will not be eligible for rewards. Issues can be submitted anonymously.

Background Information