Linkdrop Dashboard: Onboard New Users to Your DApp with Web3 Marketing Campaigns

Artiom Ignatyev
Aug 15 · 3 min read

Our team has been working hard the past few months and we are glad to share with you the Linkdrop Dashboard — a tool for DApps to onboard everyday users with Web3 marketing campaigns.

Linkdrop = Airdrop 2.0

A Linkdrop is a claimable digital asset inside a link or QR-code, so that means in contrast to a traditional Airdrop (not the Apple’s feature) the receiver’s address does not need to be known — the receiver might not have heard about digital assets nor having a wallet installed.

No Wallet Needed In Advance

Sounds impossible right? Not quite, this is how it looks like for an everyday user (without a wallet) clicking a link or scanning a QR-code:

When a new user without a wallet clicks or scan an onboarding link, they will be directed to install a wallet. The Linkdrop Deferred-Deep-Linking scheme ensures that the new user will receive Linkdrop after the fresh wallet installed. Click here to try it out yourself.

Join Web3 Pioneers — Get New Users With Linkdrop

Up until this day Linkdrop has been in closed alpha testing with a range of leading DApps and wallets exploring different use-cases ranging all the way from physical QR-codes at meet-ups to in-DApp integrations. In the remainder of this post we will walk you through the process of setting up your first Linkdrop campaign.


1. Create your first Linkdrop Campaign

  • Open the Linkdrop Dashboard and sign in with MetaMask account with Ether and tokens you want to distribute.
  • Next define the number of links and types of assets you want to generate within each Linkdrop.

2. Publish your Linkdrop Campaign

  • Verify if all of your Linkdrop Campaign details are correct
  • If everything looks good, you now have to sign one “Approve” and one “Send” MetaMask transaction.

3. Distribute via your preferred channel

  • Your campaign is now ready. You can export it as CSV to distribute them manually as links or QR-codes.
  • You can also use the Linkdrop SDK to integrate it into your DApp, website and/or social media channels.

Try It Now → Linkdrop Dashboard

If you need help — visit the Help Center or write us a message via Intercom by clicking 🔵 at right bottom corner of the Dashboard.

Learn More On Technical Overview

We Appreciate Your Feedback and Support

There are several ways you can help grow and improve Linkdrop:


Onboard new users with Web3 marketing campaigns

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Onboard new users with Web3 marketing campaigns

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