[Notice] Debunking false information/rumors regarding LINK

Dear LINK community members,

The LINK Team has discovered a recent rise in false and deeply misleading rumors regarding LINK, specifically that LINE intends to issue and sell LINK on exchanges.

Let us be clear: These rumors are completely and categorically false.

As previously (and officially) stated, LINE will never attempt to raise revenues by selling LINK to users on any exchanges, regardless of the circumstances.

All the budgets used on user-rewards and marketing activities — including the BTC rewards for LINK Prestige Club — will completely be funded by LINE’s own funds

LINK has always been transparent about its issuing status, with that information publicly available on LINK Scan (https://scan.link.network/) on a real-time basis. As you can see, 102,360,000 LINK have been allocated thus far, all via three LINK dApps as user rewards.

LINK dApps only distribute LINK according to their distribution rules, and NONE of those dApps use LINK for sales or assetization in any market. BITBOX has never privately used or sold LINK as well.

We believe some of the confusion has come from the “20% Reserves,” as described in the LINK White Paper. However, those Reserves are only to be issued to expand the LINK ecosystem, such as benefits for LN holders or dApp activations. Neither LINE nor its subsidiaries will ever conduct self-sales of LINK to users on any exchanges.

As of today, no LINK has been issued or used from the Reserve pool. Before any LINK is ever issued from the reserves, the LINK Team will make an official announcement on LINK Scan and LINK’s official channels.

LINE prioritizes the lawful and transparent operation of LINK in order to build the best-possible blockchain/cryptocurrency ecosystem.

As such, the LINK Team would like to reaffirm its stance that, when attempts to spread false information or rumors related to LINK are detected, the LINK Team may take legal action.

LINK Team’s endeavor is fully focused on the expansion of LINK Ecosystem.
We appreciate the fellow community members’ continuous support.

- LINK Team