How to Upload Profiles URLs into Linked Helper

It’s possible upload profiles URLs from an external source into Linked Helper.

  1. Find and click “View collected” button. (You can find this button for almost each Linked Helper function)

2. Then click “Upload Profiles URLs” button

3. Then you can paste URLs into text field or click “Upload CSV File”. (Linked Helper can recognise URLs from almost any text or CSV formats with any possible delimiters)

4. Then just click “Import” button

If imported URLs are new for Linked Helper, you will see:

So you can’t preview contact name, company and position — only contacts’ Identifiers available. But this is enough for Linked Helper to run all functions:

  1. Profiles Auto-Visitor
  2. Collect, Select & Invite 2nd & 3rd contacts
  3. Message broadcast to 1st connections
  4. Endorse My Contacts

Linked Helper scrapes profiles information during visiting, inviting, broadcasting or endorsing.

Linked Helper supports these types of profiles URLs


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