Is it possible with Linked Helper to segment recently added people individually, and send a message to only those new connections?

At this moment you can do this only through this steps:
1) You have 1000 1st LinkedIn connections, who match your target

2) You create broadcast (its like campaign) 
Broadcast is a set of Recipients, Processed Recipients, Excluded Contacts, message template, broadcast name.

3) Go to LinkedIn or Sales Navigator search page, set 1st connections and other filters to match your target. Click “Collect message recipients”

4) So now you have your old LinkedIn connections in Recipients List of current broadcasts.
4.1) If they haven’t received your message yet, then click “Start broadcast”. Linked Helper will send them your message and move them from Recipients List to Processed List
4.2) If they have already received your message (maybe manually), open “View collected recipients” select all and click “Move to Processed List”

5) Now your Recipients List is empty, and your old targeted LinkedIn connections are already stored in Processed List

6) You get new 1st LinkedIn connections

7) Go to LinkedIn or Sales Navigator search page set 1st connections and other filters

8) Click “Collect message recipients”, and Linked Helper will pull to Recipients List only new connections, because old connections already in Processed List

9) Start broadcast


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By the way, the main feature of Linked Helper is Mailing System. There are no any other software, which can do the same.
You can create Message sequences:

Introduction -> Pre-Proposal -> Proposal -> Follow Up
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