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Not all contacts in CSV file have email address. Why?

This article is for Linked Helper 1.

Linked Helper 1 is outdated and was replaced by Linked Helper 2. You can find it here

Linked Helper 2 knowledge base is available here

It’s possible in these cases:

  1. You extracted 2nd or 3rd+ contact. LinkedIn does not allow you to view their email addresses

2. This contact is already your 1st connection, but it was extracted when it was 2nd or 3rd+ contact. So you just need to re-extract them again

3. You have another extension, which interfere on a LinkedIn profile page.

3.1 Try to temporarily disable all other extensions.*GgElAd-NepAqpmieH6k7dQ.png

3.2 Move contacts from “Extracted” back to the “Queue”

3.2.1 Go to “Collect” tab -> click “View collected”

3.2.2. Choose “Extracted” tab

3.2.3. Click “Select All” and “Move selected to Queue”

3.3. Close “View collected” widget and go to “Extract” tab

3.4 Run extraction

4. You had a Chrome window too narrowed. In this case LinkedIn doesn’t load contact information widget.

Make the Chrome window wider and repeat steps 3.2–3.4

5. Your CSV file has name starting from “mini_contacts”. This means that you’ve downloaded it from “View collected” widget, like it’s shown here

But you if you need information scrapped from a profile page, you have to download it from “Export” tab:

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