A Quirky Way to Introduce Someone Special

Two weeks ago I realized that a business owner would benefit from connecting with a contact of mine. This is how I introduced the contact:

John can be reached via phone at (redacted) or email at (redacted)@redacted.com His LinkedIn is available here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/redacted/ I highly recommend connecting with him because he can take your brand’s exposure to the next level.
John is the perfect opportunity to build awareness about your upcoming webinars, as well as your workshops. He is also in need of a case study for his ghostwriting and influence agency, which is something that you can additionally benefit from:
  • He will likely be able to discount his services if he is given permission to create a case study showcasing the results he brings forth for your company.
  • He can also agree to keep the case study up on his LinkedIn and agency’s website for up to six months, should you desire it. (I came up with this idea when speaking with (redacted), because it would ensure that you get an exceptional-above-and-beyond service.)
Please reach out to him when you get a chance. In the world of branding, giving him a call would be like reaching out to Steve Jobs while he’s in the process of building the first Apple computer. I kid you not!

Room to improve:

Some would say this message is too long. I would say if I was talking about myself, it most certainly would be. In this instance it is perfect and provides multiple next steps that the business owner can take.

He can email, call, or connect with John (a fictional name in place of the person I referred today). And if my contact is interested in using John’s services he can go about getting a discount simply by setting up an agreement that works in his favor.

Are you introducing your contacts like this?

Do you have another quirky way to introduce them?

Originally published at LinkedUp!.