LinkerCoin Partners with SkyCoin

Linker Coin, the market making company for the cryptocurrency network in South Korea has signed an M.O.U with Skycoin, a blockchain correcting flaws of centralized mining pools.

About Skycoin

Skycoin believes that Bitcoin and related currencies have become centralized due to their reliance on Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithms, as well as their use of mining to create coins. They think that this type of centralization defeats the original purpose of digital currencies. Thus, they created the Skycoin blockchain to correct these flaws. The Skycoin blockchain uses a consensus algorithm to replace PoW and PoS. It also fixes security problems associated with other blockchain networks and decouples coin creation from the mining process.The Skycoin blockchain does not use mining, so user power cannot be concentrated in a few large mining pools as it is with Bitcoin today. Coin creation doesn’t give certain users disproportionate control over the network. The supply of Skycoin is fixed. Skycoin transactions occur in seconds and are more secure. Their aim is to create an immutable cryptocurrency that functions as digital property, rather than a political tool for amassing control over networks.

This partnership will synergize their goal as both the entities aim to change the status quo via decentralized features that leads to having no intermediary increasing its transparency and efficiency.

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Network of Networks

Linker Coin(링커코인)

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Linker Coin ICO “Network of Networks” — Linker Coin Project will connect prospective and pre-existing coins with Linker Coin.


Network of Networks

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