LinkerCoin ICO (Initial Coin Offering), which will be the mainstay of the cryptocurrency market, has reached the first, second and third pre-sales target early and released the details of specification of BitNaru, the International Exchange of LinkerCoin on October 19th 2017.

The International Exchange of LinkerCoin, BitNaru has easy-to-use system for beginners which provides from easy-view-orders to HTS(Home Trading System) chart analysis tools, multiple platforms to share the order records and view the currency exchange rates categorized by each country.

Furthermore, the company plans to seek synergies among three types of derivative trading platforms: BitNaru, International CoinX, and Decentralized Exchange (DEX). After opening CoinX, a cryptocurrency exchange, on December 1, 2017 in South Korea, the company will open a new global cryptocurrency exchange in India, Europe (Estonia) and Japan sequentially in 2018 to expand its business scope.

The international exchange BitNaru, which is now open to the public, implies the meaning of “Naru” — “connection” in pure Korean language — Linker Coin Foundation plans to establish and connect several exchanges around the world to become a network of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Linker Coin recently signed a MOU with global ICOs such as Aeron, UTRUST and Mito, and has concluded business agreements with PlayCoin and PlusCoin of Metaps+. Furthermore, LinkerCoin is showing its focus on cryptocurrency market research by signing MOU with Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) and Chosun University on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency market research.

On the other hand, LinkerCoin and its partners, BlockBank Co., Ltd. will hold the “Innovation of Finance — Cryptocurrency Seminar” at the Fire Insurance Association in Yeouido on December 9th 2017, Saturday. LinkerCoin said, “As we continue our seminars all over the country, we will hold a lecture on cryptocurrency and a LinkerCoin project briefing on the principles of Blockchain and ICO analysis with the rush of many seminar requests.” More information about the seminar can be found on the website of Block Bank Co., Ltd.

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