What Should You Know About Medium Publications

A Quick Introduction to Medium Publications

Mahdhi Rezvi
May 13 · 2 min read
Artwork by: INTECS Media Team

Writing in Medium can be very exciting as it allows you to connect with a huge number of unique people. Medium allows you to publish stories individually and also through a publication.

What are Publications?

Publications are shared spaces for stories written around a common theme or topic, usually by multiple authors. — Medium

In other words, publications are an opportunity for writers to allow their work to reach a wider audience who are fans of a particular niche. Think of it like a magazine on Medium, a virtual magazine. You can publish content on the magazine and it would reach a huge number of readers.

LinkIT promotes article writing with the aim of opening a path for technical writing.

What Can You Get by Publishing on a Publication?

Submitting publications can help you grow as a writer. Publications are handled by individuals with great experience in writing at Medium. You can easily grasp minor tricks and tips from these editors even from the way they reformat your content.

Publications also help you gain the much-needed boost in your writing career. Once you learn the art of writing quality content, it will soon become a habit, and success will follow.

Medium is a very popular site that continues to grow. When you promote other writers on the site, it helps Medium flourish, and that in turn can help you later.

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