Migration to Dune Analytics

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2 min readJun 23, 2023

For four years, has been the quintessential beacon for Chainlink metrics, serving as a reliable reference point since 2019. In October 2022, a crucial update was shared on

Notice: Metrics ingestion was suspended on October 28, 2022. Historical data remains accessible, but updates after October 28 are not included.

This decision was driven primarily by significant infrastructure and labor costs required by maintaining In response to these challenges, we began a strategic initiative to identify a solution that would sustain the availability of an open-source, transparent, scalable and readily maintainable data set regarding Chainlink metrics.

Our journey led us to Dune Analytics. The rising prevalence of data science analytics on this platform, its burgeoning reputation as the blockchain data source of truth, and its open-source nature suggested that migrating to Dune Analytics could be the best course forward.

Today, we are thrilled to share two key developments:

1. will be retired. As the data has grown stale, bringing it back up to speed would be an arduous task. Maintaining the current dataset has become increasingly redundant due to shifts in market activity, and may risk misinforming our user base. However, we see this not as an end, but as a necessary step toward a more robust, dynamic, and transparent future.

2. We have constructed a Dune Analytics dashboard that is the first step towards mirroring the Chainlink metrics formerly provided by We are now in active development, translating this dashboard to a Dune Spellbook to house raw logs and transactions, along with aggregated data. This Spellbook is projected to be open for public use sometime in 2023-Q3, depending on the Dune Analytics’ SparkSQL to DuneSQL migration process and subject to the acceptance of our PR by Dune Analytics. Details about the Spellbook below.

A Chainlink Spellbook, featuring price feed information on BSC, Optimism, and Polygon, already exists. We are actively migrating these to DuneSQL while enhancing their accuracy, precision, and data completeness where necessary. Additional support for more EVM networks will be added, including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Fantom, and Gnosis.

Furthermore, our first significant update will deliver comprehensive OCR analytics for all EVM-supported chains on Dune Analytics, including transmission logs (gas), billing set logs (rewards), fulfilled and reverted transactions, gas aggregates (daily, weekly, monthly) in token and USD, reward aggregates (daily, weekly, monthly) in token and USD and product margin (daily, weekly, monthly) in USD and as a percentage, among others.

We are confident this new Spellbook will empower builders and community members to interpret and utilize the data in infinitely diverse ways, surpassing our own imagination and greatly benefiting the ecosystem. We eagerly await your feedback and requests related to the Spellbook.

Stay tuned for the future of transparent, adaptable, and community-driven Chainlink metrics.