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Building the LinkReply Network

Medium is a network. It works by connecting people. It works best when the connections within the network are dense rather than sparse.

By following this publication you’ve elected to receive notifications when new posts appear here. You’re adding a tiny link to a node on the Medium platform. In the past three weeks, 102 people have connected to this node. That’s a tiny network within the network.

Likely very few of the people following this publication follow each other, so the network is still sparse.

We can make this network exponentially more powerful by connecting to each other.

Why would you want to connect to 102 people you probably don’t know? Since you are reading or following this publication, I assume you are interested in learning about and discussing the blockchain. Those 102 people are 102 chances for you to amplify your knowledge, expand your network and increase your sphere of influence on Medium and perhaps beyond.

Medium uses specific post visibility rules to increase signal and reduce noise. When someone replies to a post, it will only appear by default at the bottom of the original story that inspired it under three conditions:

  1. the author of the original post responded to herself
  2. the author of the original post recommended the response
  3. the response was written by someone you follow

By following the members of this group, you will opt in to see their responses anywhere on Medium. You will be helping to create and be a part of a dense network of people within a topic you care about, and that dense network will work to deliver more relevant posts and information your way on Medium every day. Following also connects you to novel interactions like highlights that you might not otherwise see.

Following is a risk-free proposition, since you can always unfollow anyone at any time.

To see the followers of this publication, go to the About section on the home page and click ‘Followers.’ Then try following some people who pique your interest — or go ahead and follow them all — and see how it affects your experience of Medium, and LinkReply: Blockchain.