But, but, the label says its “natural.”

I hope you are aware that labeling a food product “natural” has no particular meaning in the US, and certainly no legal definition as exists for other phrases found on labels.

In response to petitions from quite a number of US citizens who want this marketing conundrum changed, the FDA is asking what the term “natural” means to you, or what you think it should mean. Here’s the link for your comments.


What Does Natural Mean? FDA is seeking your opinion — at least when it comes to food labels. The agency opened a docket this week to collect information on the use of the term “natural” when used on the labels of food, including food that has either itself been genetically engineered or contains components that have. FDA said that it was doing so in response to 3 citizen petitions asking that the term be defined, one of which sought the prohibition of use of the term on labels. In addition, the agency has been asked by some courts in relation to litigation for information related to the standards for the use of the term. The docket is opened here at Regulations.gov.

Weekly Roundup 11.13.15

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