Golden State Warriors Coaching Staff Takes Uber Driver for a Ride

In early January, Kerr took the staff out to Caffe Mingo, one of his favorite restaurants in Portland. They all piled into an Uber car together.
“The driver started saying it was bullcrap that I wasn’t getting the wins,” Walton recalls. “He didn’t know Steve was in the back, or he didn’t recognize Steve yet. So Steve was like, ‘Yeah, that head coach of theirs is a real a — hole. He’s only thinking about himself.’ Then we all started jumping in. I said, ‘Yeah, I think Steve even called the NBA to make sure he got those wins.’ The Uber driver was like, ‘God, he sounds like a jerk.’”
When they got to the restaurant, special assistant Nick U’Ren thanked him for the ride and said, “Oh, lemme introduce you to our head coach, Steve Kerr.”

Steve Kerr has suffered more than you will ever know
Ramona Shelburne,

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