Here’s where PillPack goes a step further. Most reminder apps (and analog pill organizers, for that matter) require you to manually enter your prescriptions. This compounds an already serious problem: About half of Americans taking medication fail to do so as prescribed, and 20 to 30 percent of them never even fill the prescription. Seth Heldenbrand, an associate professor at the College of Pharmacy of the University of Arkansas, says some people cannot afford their medication, or do not want to spend the money on it, or do not believe it will help. This is called intentional non-adherence. Others simply forget to take it. “All these apps are really designed to help unintentional non-adherence,” Heldenbrand says. So why put up yet another obstacle to adherence by making people do a lot of data entry to use the app? PillPack is simpler: a few clicks and the app can auto-populate your meds.

This App Could Finally Get People to Take Their Medicine
Margaret Rhodes,

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