Treatment Burden

As I’ve said many times in many places, thus far patient-centered care is a marketing term, not a reality.

This philosophy of care [minimally disruptive medicine] requires healthcare providers to embrace…committing to work toward the patients’ goals, not…the physician’s goals.

How Minimally Disruptive Medicine is happily disrupting health care
Carolyn Thomas,

“There is stuff that I am SUPPOSED to do, and stuff that I actually DO. If I did everything I am SUPPOSED to do, my life would revolve around doctors and tests and such and there wouldn’t be very much left for living my life. So I’ve made a bunch of choices (with the input of my family and friends, because it’s important for me to have their support).”

Tran, V.T. et al., Taxonomy of the burden of treatment: a multicountry Web-based qualitative study of patients with chronic conditions. BMC Med, 2015. 13: p. 115.