Use Linode’s Speedtest to Intelligently Place Your Servers

While your Linode will work just fine regardless of which location you choose, picking the right datacenter takes careful consideration. With eight DCs to currently choose from (and a ninth soon on the way), you have many options available to place your server for your benefit.

Location & Delay

Regardless of which datacenter you select, a server will work fine. Each datacenter offers the same capabilities, and no datacenter is stronger or more feature-packed than another.

The difference in picking a server location is the amount of delay, or time it takes for a request to reach the server. If you place the server in the same state or country you live in, simply put, you’ll be able to connect to it more quickly than you could with a server halfway across the world.

DC Proximity: You or Your Customers?

So, if a Linode located closer to the person accessing it transfers data at a quicker rate, you’ll need to figure out which audience you want your Linode to best serve. Many times, Linode owners will have to choose between proximity closer to their own location for development, or proximity closer to their customers.

Placing a Linode in a datacenter closer to your customers is especially important if your business clientele is located in a different country.

If you’re using your server primarily for personal projects that you’ll be accessing more than anyone else, just place your server in the location closest to you.

If you are running an important business that relies on quick load times for your target market, choose a location closest to them.

If you still want a snappy connection between you and your Linode, while accommodating a foreign market, it might be best to run two Linodes, and have your closer Linode serve as a testing environment for your production overseas.

Speedtests Prove Results

Still not sure which location you should use? Perhaps you live equidistant between two different datacenters, or want to see if a shorter distance over water ends up actually being slower than a longer distance over land. Linode deploys a server at each of our datacenters that stands ready to provide files for you to download to test the connection speed. You can find this speedtest here:

Use the links provided from each datacenter to download a file from your preferred location, and you can monitor the transfer speed. If you wish to compare datacenters, download files from respective DCs, and then choose the one that gives you a faster connection.

Not only will this real world scenario give you the best insight on the fastest transfer speed, but also it will give you an indication of what to expect from your Linode’s performance.

No matter which datacenter you pick, your server will run as good as always; although quickly getting your data to the proper end user is important.

There are many factors in determining your ideal datacenter location, whether it be one of our four North American locations, or one of our four international locations — with a fifth on the way. Keep a lookout for our second Tokyo datacenter. Once it’s online, see if its speed will benefit you by using our speedtest page!

If you have any questions or comments about using Linode’s speedtest, feel free to comment below, tweet us, @Linode, or contact our 24/7 support: