Empathy, Bug Bounty and a truly Indian Idea

Musings of a t(h)inker(er)— LinusP’s Log for 7 Dec 2016

Read by LinusP:

Eight Tenets for Creating Value through Enterprise (forwarded by friend over mail)

Quote (from the above read):

A pic from Lalbagh Bengaluru

Curiosity Killed the…:

Caught a bug today. This time in Paytm mobile app. I felt a need to use one paytm account on the two phones that were at home. It was becoming a little tough to manage recharging two wallets and I thought its time to consolidate. Login to one account (Say account X) and transferring money to another (say account Y) worked like the ‘Paytm karo’ jingle. Then I logged out of the X and logged into Y. This worked too. Launched the Uber app and then tried to link the new paytm account.

Bug 1> Uber by default checked the Uber accounts mobile and linked the matching mobile number account in paytm.

To work around the restriction in Bug 1> I tried to update the mobile number in Account Y to the one given in account X. All hell broke loose. After upteen attempts at making this change, Paytm flagged a message that my account had reached the OTP limit for the day. Then I tried the reverse, updating Account Y’s mobile number to Account X’s and paytm went into an infinite race condition.

And thus the Bug 2>.

Now I am without a paytm account. Waiting for customer care to solve my ticket. The front page ad announcing Paytm’s toll free (1800 1800 1234) offered a slight glimmer of hope only to dash it all.

If there is a bug bounty program either in Uber or paytm I should encash a few chips.

P.S: Used a third mobile number (sim) to partly break the deadlock in Bug 2>. Next stop is consolidation of two accounts.

Crazy Idea:

Kolam and Kanchi Periyavar

Sitting at a waiting lounge and happened to see this. Notice the kolam (pattern with lines and dots) on the sides of the platform? It was a 9-dot kolam with my eyes tracing the lines that ran around them. This particular pattern could be traced without lifting one’s hand off the surface in which its drawn. Looked to me like a problem out of graph theory I had studied quite a few years ago. Also it brought back memories of the elder women in my house drawing these patterns in front of the house every morning. Drawing Kolam is a dying art. Soon the curiosity faded and at such moments the smart phone comes to the rescue. The screen came to life and asked for me to trace a pattern with 9-dots. ‘Hey’, I wondered. ‘What if we could teach kolam right on the lock screen?’ or better ‘How about shutting the phone alarm first thing in the morning with a kolam pattern?’

Anyone game to fund this on kick starter? :-)

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