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Introducing The Garuda Linux Community Distro Challenge!

Ditch your daily driver OS and try something new.

Nearly three years ago I gleefully dove down the Linux rabbit hole and haven’t looked back. While doing so has positively affected both my personal and professional life, I’ve repeatedly found myself stuck inside something I’ll call the “Ubuntu Comfort Bubble.”

I’m constantly distro-hopping to discover what’s new and unique among the daunting number of quality Linux distributions out there, but those adventures are far too brief.

To really discover all the nuances and to see what’s worthwhile about a distro, sometimes you have to stop that hop. You have to shift from casual curiosity into daily devotion and make it the operating system you use for everything. Gaming, programming, shopping, writing, podcasting, whatever.

Watch Jason talk about it on the Linux For Everyone YouTube channel

With that in mind, the basic premise of the Garuda Linux Distro Challenge is simple: join the community in ditching Windows, macOS or your current Linux OS of choice and use any flavor (or multiple flavors) of this beautiful Arch-based distro as your daily driver for a month.

And wow are there a ton of flavors to choose from. A dozen of them:

  1. Garuda KDE Dr460nized
  2. Garuda KDE Media Edition
  3. Garuda Xfce
  4. Garuda GNOME
  5. Garuda LXQT-Kwin
  6. Garuda Cinnamon
  7. Garuda MATE
  8. Garuda Wayfire
  9. Garuda Qtile
  10. Garuda BSPWM
  11. Garuda i3WM
  12. Garuda Recbox

I’m not going to tell you much about it up front, mainly because I don’t want to influence your first impressions.

More importantly, half the fun is discovering it together.

If you want to join the adventure and participate in the discussion, there’s a bunch of ways you can do that:

  1. Join our Telegram group
  2. Record a video with your thoughts and send us a link
  3. Write your opinions down and send an email to
  4. Tweet us at @Linux4Everyone

Let us know which Garuda Linux flavor you’re planning to start with!



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