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How to create a scalable consumer wellness startup that
excites investors

While many industries have been struggling to adapt to the challenges of the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, digital health is thriving. In an acceleration of pre-existing trends, people are looking for ways to take control of their health through smarter lifestyle choices.

The evidence for this is already clear. According to recent studies, people of all generations are intent on improving their health and wellbeing, with 59% of Gen Xers saying they’re eating healthier, and 48% of all generations saying they’re exercising more. Nine out of ten adults have also begun actively looking after their mental health while at home.

The wellness industry was already thriving before the Covid-19 outbreak and it has experienced a huge boost in the context of the pandemic. In addition to a rise in online subscriptions to fitness programs, meditation apps like Headspace are also experiencing incredible growth, with a 19-fold increase in users during the last week of March 2020.

All this means that there are significant opportunities available for companies entering the health and wellness space — opportunities that are catching the attention of investors as well.

What does it take to launch and market a successful wellness startup? And what do investors look for in startups in this space?

Discover the answers to these questions and more in How to Create a Wellness Startup that Excites Investors. Authored by Hadas Spektor, lead of the Lifestyle & Wellness vertical at Facebook Israel, and Jonathan Friedman, partner at LionBird, this eBook offers insights and best-in-class case studies to help entrepreneurs and investors succeed with the next great wellness solution.

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Jonathan Friedman

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