We often talk about the fact that there is only a handful of places in the world where one can go surfing — this is why we have decided to build special wave pools for year-round training as part of the LipChain project

However, the few places that are suitable for surfing still exist! This is why today we are telling you about the best places for surfing.
All you need to go surfing is a surfboard and some good waves. In fact, it is possible to surf at a sea, but most places suitable for surfing are actually on tropical island ocean shores. The best locations for surfing are believed to be as follows:
1. Hawaii — the birthplace of surfing
2. Bali
3. Australia
4. Morocco
5. Atlantic Europe — Spain and Portugal
What’s interesting is that most of these regions view surfing as more than a form of entertainment, but a unique lifestyle. For example, in Australia, school physical education program includes learning to surf while in California surfing has been viewed as a form of protest against the daily routine living, as a symbol of freedom and “living in the moment”.