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A steady job

Day 30

And so to work. In an office. With my team! What a delight it was. Most of the day was spent catching up with colleagues and preparing for my quarterly check in with my manager.

In the office there are refrigerators and food cupboards but they contain only milk and other people’s cereal. There is no irrational and pressing need to peer into them every half hour to see if there’s something I could consume.

I ate well too. On the way to work I picked up a latte and a vegan breakfast pot (the açai and almond butter one) from Pret. I had a meal at lunch from the canteen – the filling from a veggie burrito (the bread itself looked dry and unappealing), loaded potato skins, corn on the cob, and salad.

On the way home I stopped at Itsu for a veggie sushi platter, salted chocolate caramel pot, seaweed thins and a bottle of Asahi lager.

One thing I have practiced today is the art of chewing. It has been said many a time that I literally “wolf down” my meals and finish before everyone else. I manage to do this by barely chewing what I eat. Today I chewed while intentionally not swallowing. The food still goes down automatically, but it takes longer – about twenty chews for a mouthful of plant based food, I find.

Back at home I was very tired after the previous night’s poor sleep. I read a book and nodded off quite early. It was bliss.




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