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Day 24

Today I grazed. I started off well with a porridge, and a latte from the cafe down the road. But I was frustrated. Something was going on at work that I am no longer a part of — I have moved on to other roles. I wanted to be a part of it because it is exciting and fun, but others get to play that game now. Thoughts wheeled around in my head about resolving issues, but without the background knowledge and experience of the past six years I could only dream — dream of being the hero who came up with the correct solution and saved the day. The frustration dislodged my focus on the work I should have been doing. When I’m not concentrating on the work I should be doing (which still involves being the hero of the day from time to time I should add), I start to graze. Some dried fruit, an apple, a couple of pieces of toast, a packet of wholegrain crisps, some biscuits, mixed nuts, a couple of pieces of dark chocolate. Finally, I stopped to make a proper meal at around 4.30pm: some spinach and ricotta filled pasta with a tomato and mascarpone sauce — made from the unused ingredients from my wife’s lunch.

And then after that, I didn’t eat again.

Tomatoes | engin akyurt on Unsplash




A journal exploring how and why the brain hijacks your attempts to get fit and healthy

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