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In sickness and in health

Day 25

Another busy work day. I had a bowl of porridge mid morning. Then I had a phone call from the school at lunch. My boy had a chesty cough and needed to go home. When I went to fetch him, he looked incredibly sad and forlorn. He really wanted to stay at school. To cheer him up, we went to a peri-peri chicken place and bought some wings and fries. He convinced me that he would like the mild spicy flavouring and we walked home. I sat him down to eat and joined a meeting in the other room.

An hour later I go and check on him. He’s eaten all the chips and only taken one bite of chicken — the flavouring is too spicy and now he’s full up. So I end up eating ten chicken wings (I’m not going to let the death of five innocent chickens go to waste) and a stack of fries.

Later that day I made dinner for everyone. It took ages to cut up all the butternut squash and sweet potato for roasting. It wouldn’t be ready until 7.10pm. My wife came home and got a bit moody of the fact that it would be served so late — she really wanted my son to have an early night. She made him something else to eat and failed to get him to bed early anyway.

I had a couple of beers, and eat the dinner late — sausages, broccoli and the aforementioned roasted veg.

The chickens we ate certainly weren’t raised in a field like this | Zosia Korcz on Unsplash




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