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Nuts about nuts

Day 22

It’s strange that, even though all my misdemeanours are documented here, I’m still a bit miffed that my stats are pretty poor this week.

I staved off breakfast until eleven (big bowl of porridge) and just had some mixed nuts for a snack mid-afternoon.

Nuts are my new go to snack. I only have one portion a day but they provide loads of essential oils, fibre and protein. I make up my own mix of nuts, favouring pecans, pistachios and a few Brazil nuts purely for the reason that I like them the most. To this I add in a few more of the bitter and drier nuts like walnuts and almonds.

This afternoon we walked over to the cinema to watch The Addams Family 2 which sadly had about two laughs in total, but it was pretty watchable. I had a few chocolate covered almonds that my wife shared with me.

After the film we used up the last of my wife’s birthday vouchers at a local Italian. I had a sweet potato ravioli with some battered zucchini and peppers. We also shared a bottle of red wine and a crème brûlée.

Back at home my wife baked a coffee cake for her mum’s birthday.




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