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The diet starts on Monday

Day 16

“From Monday, I’m being really strict and doing the 800/fasting until midday/not eating any sugar/going vegan…” etc etc etc

It’s a phrase commonly uttered in this house in various forms, normally towards the end of the week. Failure comes within weeks, days, but more often than not, hours. So I am hereby giving up on dieting that starts on Monday. My diet is the food that I’m eating today. Not Monday. Not next month. But here, NOW!

It’s been a mixed bag, which can be firmly attributed to another bad night’s sleep: a couple of poached eggs on toast, a couple of crusts of bread with lemon curd, Jamie Oliver quinoa and stir fried pak-choi, banana, mixed nuts, sausage and bean casserole with veg and potato, a piece of homemade cheesecake.

Actually, on reflection, apart from the lemon curd, that wasn’t a bad day for eating. But tonight I am taking the train down south and for some reason the crowds on the walk there really got to me. It may have been the e-scooter that whizzed through a crowd of people at the first crossing, or the food delivery driver who cut across everyone at the next, but by the time I arrived at the station my stomach was in knots. It could just as easily be attributed to the way in which I wolfed down my food just before I set off. With emotion running high I went into W H Smith, bought a large Cadbury Caramel and took it with me to the train. Did I eat a couple of pieces now and then to break up a long journey? No. I’d eaten it all before the first stop.

For an hour or two since, I’ve been sat most uncomfortably in my seat, belly hanging over my belt, trousers too tight and just generally feeling a bit low.

I need to sort out this sleep problem, but I also need to stop getting wound up by things that haven’t actually happened. It’s something I’ll explore in a future update, but it’s a sensitive subject and needs some thought put into it.

Totally forgot to do the stretches after coming in late at night after the long train journey…

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