I never intended to go on a mission trip in college.

I wasn’t avoiding missions work by any means, but it definitely wasn’t a priority either. Last semester though, I met Millie Norwood at my church one Sunday. She graduated from Lipscomb, and later that day I saw her on campus. She called me over to say she ran a mission trip through the school and thought I needed to go.

The trip goes to Perth, Australia. Millie desperately needed guys to go on the trip, but I wasn’t interested. My plan was to wait a few weeks and then tell her I couldn’t go. A few days later, I got a call from a friend named Christie saying she needed to talk to me.

She had met with her mentor earlier that day. This mentor was talking about the mission trip she ran, and Christie instantly got the sense that I needed to go on the trip. She told her mentor as much, and it turned out that her mentor was Millie, who had just tried to get me onto the Perth trip a few days before.

I started to get a little more curious about the trip. It works with Lifestreams Church in the city of Perth. Christianity is the exception rather than the norm there, and a team of Americans coming hugely encourages them. After praying and thinking about it, I just got the sense that I was supposed to go. I committed to the trip on a whim.

Honestly though, going on this trip makes no sense on a practical level.

It takes up three weeks in the middle of the summer, requires a lot of work in fundraising and preparation, and just throws a monkey wrench in my life. If I’m being honest, I’ve struggled to justify going since I committed to it.

I invested a lot of the last year in introspection. The eyes of my heart were directed inward, and I learned a lot about myself. The problem is I lost the ability to see others as a result.

This trip makes no sense on a practical level, but that’s because the practical level serves only my interests.

That’s not a healthy way to live. I want to sacrifice my time and talents to see the Kingdom of God come in Australia. I honestly don’t know what the result of that will be, but I have faith that I’m supposed to go.

I’m also not the only person on this trip. Our team leaves on June 15th. While there, we’ll chronicle our trip through this blog, and between now and then you’ll see a post about every member of the team and how they ended up on it. I think it’s safe to say we’re all incredibly excited.

It will not be easy though.

Our time there will be long and tiring, and the trip itself costs $2,800. If you’re reading this, I’m asking you to partner with me both spiritually and financially.

Your prayers are appreciated far more than you know, and if you feel led to give, click here and select the Perth trip after putting my name under “Participant’s Name”. All donations are tax deductible, and Lipscomb will send you a receipt. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Thank you for even reading this far, and thank you for your partnership in this ministry.

In Him,

Lorne Jaques.