Upgrading Democracy

How Voting Could Work Now, 240 Years Later

Jared Scheib
Jul 5, 2016 · 2 min read

We start from the following principle: An ideal government represents and is accountable to all its people equally.

In order to better realize this ideal government, we have set out to make voting more trustable, efficient, and accessible.

We believe modern technology, like digital devices and distributed ledgers, can help us more closely embody the democratic promise of the United States of America.

Democracy requires a fair, easy process that ensures each person’s vote counts equally.

Here is what is possible right now, with currently available technology:




Our Plan

Our aim is to expand the conversation about how democracy can be better realized, and to foster a community of people interested in these goals. We believe our system can work better for everyone.

Join Us


Contact us to add your name.

Liquid Democracy

Bringing Liquid Democracy to the United States

Jared Scheib

Written by

Transformation Technology for Our Future | #RealitySurf

Liquid Democracy

Bringing Liquid Democracy to the United States

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