Twitter, Facebook without frills and furbelows? —, a social network with a focus on single-subject channels

Since I post sometimes more than 50 Tweets per day, followers have a hard time to keep pace with just the subjects they really care on my timeline. Data journalism? Investigative or immersive journalism? — We do not want to scroll through every piece of content we just come across on Twitter or Facebook. Instead we want to read selectively.

Imagine if Twitter would start to filter all the noise of Tweets in your timeline. Imagine you could subscribe or follow a subject you really care about, and of course the mind(s) behind it. But in a world, where eyeballs matter it is hardly imaginable that filtering content could have a positive impact on the bottom line. The common mantra: broadcast content for the masses in hopes that we avoid the needle in the haystack problem, serving content only for a minority.

But the user experience is what really matters. What if a user is only interested in mobile journalism? — In my case, I follow the people who tweet about the things I care, and wait for the beads to appear in their timeline (an incident which is as predictable as the weather in the next 4 to 5 days). To make things worse, there are more people, who occasionally post interesting and highly relevant stuff but not all the time.

That’s where cologio comes into play. Cologio offers a platform where users subscribe to the exact subject they are interested in, which can be curated by more than one person, of course.
Instead of having to scroll through all my Tweets, users can now listen to #datajournalism only without having to cut their way through all other pieces of content. As a publisher I can now target audiences with precisely the content they are looking for just by creating highly focussed content streams, single-subject channels one by one. A much more satisfying news experience.

Here’s my personal invitation for you:

Let’s cologio there! app screenshots with curated topics by Liquid Newsroom

You can download the free cologio app from iTunes

Full disclosure: When I got to know the technology I decided to partner with the team and to add cologio as a distribution channel to the Liquid Newsroom platform. Liquid Newsroom users can now post content to whenever they like to offer their audiences single-subject channels. Subscription is free and easy to complete. Cologio and Liquid Newsroom are independent companies without any corporate ties. I do not profit financially by inviting users to join.