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Liquiditeam 2.0: Tokenizing Fandom

Launching Spaces, a new brand, and our new website

For anyone following our journey for a while now, you might have noticed that our focus has largely been on building out the LT Fan Platform and improving the experience for hosts.

While our development team was in the trenches with that, we found some time to update our branding and relaunched our website.

The main goal was to make Liquiditeam modern and bold but more importantly, reflect our broadening focus from just sports/athletes to content creators, individual brands, streamers, etc. It made sense because of the fundamental nature of our products and how they can serve creators of all types.

But it’s not only the look and branding that have changed. We also aimed to improve our messaging, become more concise in articulating LT Fan Platform’s capabilities and benefits for different types of customers.

You can see the result for yourself on our newly launched website and across our social channels. Please let us know what you think and what we can improve.

Of course, this brings us to our “Spaces” feature which was the star of our most recent release:


Fans and platform hosts can now create Spaces to foster fan interactions and conversations. They are quite a versatile instrument. Here is the gist:

  • Spaces can be used to create open or closed topical or geographical interest and fan groups, comparable to subreddits or groups on Facebook.
  • Spaces are also ideally suited to launch interactive fan activations, think fan stories or best fan photo contest
  • Spaces can also be used to give the creators among your fanbase a new home

We think that Spaces are a great addition to Fan Platform:

  • The increased community aspect makes for higher stickiness of your platform and thus increases user retention
  • There is now more activity in the users’ feed, without you having to create more content
  • Spaces support the network effect of your community as users are incentivized to invite their friends.

Why “Spaces” matter

One of our favorite angles to successful social communities comes in the camaraderie of its users. So our goal was to provide users an outlet to find like-minded individuals based on multiple segments.

For digital content creators, providing fans a central place to interact with your brand and each other can be a game-changer to turning your fanbase into a tribe.

Spaces accomplish this and also turn your platform into a user-generated content engine at the same time.

Last words

In case you are interested in LT Fan Platform, let me point you to our Early Adopter Club. It is currently open to rightsholders, athletes, and creators who want to launch their own platform for their fans. Early Adopter Club members benefit from preferential conditions and get to work closely with our product teams.

To learn more, check out our website, schedule a demo, or fill out your Early Adopter Club application right here:




Powering Web3 Business Models for the Creator Economy & Sports. We build innovative fan engagement and financing solutions for creators, rightsholders, and athletes.

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