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New Year’s Resolutions — As an NFT

I got a text from my fiance the other day that read, “do you know anything about the Metaverse thingy?”

When she arrived home, she told me she was listening to a podcast about the Metaverse and we proceeded to chat about the idea.

I mentioned how NFTs and digital collectibles are going to play a big role and at some point, I made a joke along the lines of:

“NFTs are everywhere. In 10 years, our Christmas tree is going to be on a Kindle and our kids are going to be unwrapping NFTs instead of Legos.”

The conversation started with some harmless optimism and curiosity and as we talked more about human consciousness and the neural net, the conversation ended with a very uncomfortable existential angst.

As the existential angst dissipated, I actually started thinking about the Holidays and the potential disruption that may lie ahead.

NFTs, as ridiculous as some of them are, have a lot of utility to offer and I had an interesting idea that has to do with New Year and goal-setting.

New Year, New Me…

It’s a story as old as time.

As I crack open that first beer on Thanksgiving afternoon, I familiarize myself with the recliner I will be parked in for all the football games.

“The Holidays are fucking great,” I proudly decree as my nephew runs by the living room telling everyone he’s Thor and will protect us from all enemies.

All is well.

Fade to black. End Scene.

I regain consciousness on January 1st with a splitting hangover.

My pants are a little tighter.

My dad bod is a little more… fatherly.

Thanksgiving to January 1st was a blur.

“Shit, I need to hit the gym. It’s gonna be my New Year’s Resolution.”

I arrive at the gym and see other plump boys in last summer’s gym attire that barely fits them. The collective look of shame combined with a lot of heavy breathing is motivating.

What usually happens over the next couple of months?

The numbers start to decrease and I don’t mean the weight that shows on the scale.

I mean the number of people showing up plummets and only a few dedicated individuals stay to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions.

And after eating the Burger King that I definitely earned that day, an idea hit me.

Forms of motivation

Why do so many people quit when they have these New Year’s resolutions?

I’m not an expert on behavioral psychology but I do know that some powerful forms of motivation include:

  • Incentives (monetary)
  • Affiliation (being a part of a group)
  • Achievement (achieving something and getting recognition)
  • Accountability

With New Year’s resolutions, I think some people might be lacking all but the achievement bit.

People make promises to themselves or to their close friends/family but it typically ends there.

No financial incentive, affiliation or group, or accountability to keep them moving toward their goals.

While there are plenty of other intrinsic/extrinsic motivational forces at play, these are a few that I think technology can help out with.

This is where NFTs come in.

What if you can create an NFT collection around particular New Year’s resolutions?

Goal-setting NFT collection

Whether it is weight loss, alcohol abstinence, fitness, etc. Communities and NFT collections can be created around different resolutions.

  • Ownership of the NFT includes access to an exclusive group with real coaches for personalized advice/guidance.
  • Users get placed into buckets that include people with similar goals/demographics.
  • User progress is tracked, public, and gamified in some way.
  • Users can earn points/tokens/rewards as they meet or exceed milestones.
  • Activate sponsorships and brand partnerships to the user-base
  • Selling of the NFTs can only be done once the user reaches certain milestones. This incentives users to reach goals so they can sell.

Assuming the experts/coaches are quality and the experience is enriching, the NFT will be a prized commodity as more will be looking to join.

So going back to the forms of motivation, an NFT-driven resolution community can be the key to keeping users engaged and motivated to meet their goals.

Of course, this idea applies to goal-setting in general. New Year’s resolutions just happen to be a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on an influx of motivated buyers.

At Liquiditeam, we are working on making NFTs more practical and utilitarian and we think it can meet these exact needs.

Thomas Euler wrote a piece about it titled uNFTs: More Utility and UX for NFTs where we talk about that product a little more. Check it out below:

The synopsis is that we want to create social layers behind NFTs so collectors can put digital collectibles to use.

And naturally, this New Year’s resolution idea can be easily accomplished using LT Fan Platform as you can create NFT collections, reward engagement, and publish premium guides/content.

Head over to our site, start a free trial, and create your own blockchain community with your own fan token. And use this New Year’s resolution idea if you want.

And if goal-setting is not your forte, it makes for an excellent premium content hub for all of your fans.





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