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Why eSports is the Accidental Trailblazer of Digital Innovation

And how sports teams can learn from them

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eSports digital business models are something to be learned from

Fan engagement and peer-to-peer interaction is key

A perfect model of strategic digital superiority

  • The product is delivered digitally.
  • The audience consumes the product and makes purchases almost exclusively digitally.
  • The target audience spends a lot of their leisure time on digital mediums.
  • The audience engages amongst themselves mostly digitally.

Sports technology meets blockchain

  • It can be behind the scenes premium content of players, scrimmages, etc.
  • Fan ideations and proposals of team names, hero/map selection, game modes, team jersey designs
  • Fan-controlled gaming and fan all-star games
  • And in the future, we plan to add digital/physical collectibles of player cards, highlights, etc.

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Ron Jaradat

Digital Marketing Playmaker at Liquiditeam | Writes about Blockchain, the creator economy, and fantasy football.