Liquidity.Network Mobile App on Mainnet

Easy Gas Free Ether Transfers

Liquidity.Network Mobile App on Mainnet

About two weeks after the Mainnet Web Wallet, we release the Mainnet Mobile App for the Google Playstore.

Here’s how the mobile app looks like after opening a wallet:

The Liquidity.Network Mobile App.
Hit the “Get some free wei” button and it will ship you 100 free wei :-)

Please see the following Video for a demonstration on how to install and use the mobile app:

Showcase of the Liquidity Network Mobile App on the Ethereum Mainnet

Mobile App Setup

The setup of the mobile app is just as simple as you could think about.

  1. Click create Wallet
  2. Choose Authentication method (Fingerprint, or PIN)

That’s it!

Create or restore an existing wallet.
Choose your preferred authentication method.


When does the iOS app come?

The iOS application is in active development and will be released when ready.

At which moment am I member of the Liquidity.Network?

As soon as you have configured your wallet (click on create wallet, and choose authentication method).

No fees for opening a payment channel with the Liquidity.Network?

Yes! There are no fees required, you can register without having any prior crypto and directly be able to accept new off-chain crypto!

Do I need to be online to receive a payment?

Yes, for the time being, you mobile app needs to be running in the forefront to receive an off-chain payment.

So cool, how can I integrate Liquidity into my dApps?

Please feel free to send us an email to, or faster, write in our Telegram group!