FIRE! Swing Space to the Rescue

When disaster strikes, teams rely on LiquidSpace to find emergency swing space solutions. From water damage to renovations to hurricanes, we’ve seen it all.

Then we met Scott.

Scott needed space, fast. His team was hit with 2 office fires in less than 2 months. The worst part? They had just moved into their new, permanent office space after searching ardently for months to find a space that would meet their unique specifications. They found the perfect space and then…BOOM. Disaster struck.

As the VP of Engineering and co-founder at Scale Computing, Scott lives in San Francisco, where the engineering team is based. However, the rest of the company — and the majority of its employees — are based in Indianapolis.

The first office fire was on Father’s Day. Luckily, since it was a weekend, no one was in the office. The damage was minimal, so only minor repairs were needed.

But then, just three weeks later, the engineering team was hit with a second office fire! According to Scott, the stain that was being used on the floors, had leaked down into the floorboards and spontaneously combusted between the third and second floors, in the kitchen area.

Even though this incident occurred on a Wednesday, thankfully, Scott’s team was out of harm’s way, yet again. In fact, the entire engineering team was in Indianapolis with the rest of Scale Computing for an all-hands meeting. When they flew home on Friday, Scott immediately reached out to CBRE for help finding a temporary space, while the company sorted through this unexpected setback. Scott had been working closely with Tori Hockersmith, Senior Director at CBRE, to find the perfect permanent office space for his team, so he knew he could count on her to point him in the right direction.

We needed a quick solution. Our CBRE broker, Tori, recommended LiquidSpace. I hopped on LiquidSpace on a Sunday and setup five tours for the following day. It was super easy. I just lined them all up, one every hour.”

Scott toured several different spaces, from coworking spots to private businesses. These shared spaces are quickly gaining popularity amongst startups and growing teams. They’re a great alternative to traditional coworking spaces, while still providing guests with a vibrant work environment. More importantly, companies at any stage of growth can leverage the LiquidSpace network to monetize unused office space and unlock an additional revenue stream, at the click of a button.

While touring a handful of private businesses listed on LiquidSpace, Scott observed a recurring theme — high-growth teams knowingly committed to space twice the size their company needs right now, to account for dynamic growth over the next five to ten years (or, until that standard, long-term lease ends).

“I was shocked at how simple and convenient it was to find space on LiquidSpace.” Even with an incredible broker like Tori, Scott explained, leasing office space is usually a much longer process. LiquidSpace enabled Scott to tour multiple venues and book a great space for his team at 1776, on flexible terms, using the DASH™ License.

“Honestly, every space I toured would have worked for us. But, 1776 has a private room that’s just the right size for our team. Plus, the space has food, which fits right in with our company’s culture. It’s been the perfect temporary fix for our office situation.”

Tori and Scott celebrate move-in day, part deux, at the team’s new (new) office space in San Francisco.

Scott’s team finally returned to their permanent office space last week, after several months of construction and repairs. We stopped by with Tori to wish them a warm welcome home from LiquidSpace and CBRE!

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