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Hey everyone we are so excited!!

On Tuesday May 11th the official Liquifi telegram community hosted the Founder and Lead Tech of the wonderful platform in the first ever AMA organized in the community. it was an exciting, it was insightful, everyone had a great time and above all people learn a lot

Here’s the summary of the AMA.

Moderator @Kingscastle

You are welcome to the maiden edition of the Liquifi AMA, everyone will have a chance to connect with the team of this great project on a regular basis.

Without much ado, I will start the AMA by introducing our guests Igor Struchkov (The founder of Liquifi) and Igor Mikhalev ( the tech lead)

Igor Struchkov you are welcome please say hello to the community

Struchkov :
Hi everybody! :wave:


Igor Mikhalev kindly say hi`

Hi everybody, it’s Igor Mikhalev here — thanks for all the awesome questions :ok_hand::ok_hand: , let us start answering :blush:

Beautiful, we are ready to start feeding questions right away!

This section will draw questions from the bot link comment bot thread

Q1. Harshal wrote:

What makes LIQUIFI Network different than other Platforms projects? Could you tell us some Extra-ordinary functions & objectives of LIQUIFI Network tokens which attracts more Investors towards LIQUIFI Network token?

First of all, our core features:

- Reduced price slippage. Assume there is an active Liquifi time-locked operation so that Liquifi price grows slowly while the time-locked operation is proceeding. Then an arbitrageur comes and corrects the price while the time-locked operation is still in progress. The final exchange price for the time-locked operation is much better than it could be in case of an immediate swap.

- Front runners cannot take profits from acting against the time-locked operations because they last much longer than one Ethereum block so that trying to front run these operations makes no sense as other arbitrageurs will have enough time to correct the price.

- Liquifi provides fair distribution of profits among all the participants: traders, liquidity providers, and arbitrageurs. Arbitrageurs and front-runners can earn less, therefore traders get better prices than in other AMMs.

- Zero fee for trades against pending time-locked operations.

Then, we are developing a new capability that we will be testing next week with via an IDO on our exchange (stay tuned for the IDO news on Liquifi). This is a novel way of running IDOs, we call it “IDO Distribution pool”.

So, IDO Distribution pools is a new way of doing initial DEX token offers (IDO) available only on Liquifi DEX. With Liquifi’s distribution pool the amount of liquidity needed to create a market is dramatically lower than on any other DEX, e.g. Pancakeswap.

Liquifi IDO distribution pools are implemented on top of the other unique feature of Liquifi — time-locked swaps. When a user starts a time-locked buy operation for TokenX, a counter-operation is automatically started by the smart contract. This allows to avoid high price impact even on extremely small liquidity pools.

Further features for crypto projects are coming soon, including earn by staking pools similar to Pancakeswap syrup pools.


Thank you for the elaborate answer, I’m sure the entire community is looking forward to see the new IDO feature that will be testing next week.

Yeah we are looking forward to this too. The project we are launching is ultra hot! :rocket::rocket::muscle:

Wow it sounds so interesting already, we can’t wait!

Okay next question from the thread

Q2. Levi Ackerman wrote:

sir I want to ask it’s about farming When we wanted to farm LQF in the first week there were no results because it was still 0 and in week 2 there are new results I want to ask Why is it like that ? or maybe that’s how farming works on all crypto tokens? 1 more question, soon the LQF airdrop will be distributed will there be more new projects coming up and from the LQF team? And how will the planing be? if there is, I will look forward to it Thank you sir

Well, farming may be implemented in different ways. In Liquifi our design was intended to allow farming from any pool that contains BNB. What make things a bit more complicated is that LP tokens of Liquifi pools have different value in different pools. So we need to account for changing ratios to make the LQF distribution fair. And also we had to make the gas price of LQF farming transactions as low as possible. That is why the procedure is 2-step: on step 1 we calculate a provider’s share, on step 2 we actually distribute tokens. And we make it weekly to make the transactions not too often.

About the next projects — yes, we have plans for them. One of these projects will be announced already next week.


This answer has cleared up some frequently asked questions in this community. Thank you:pray:

The final question for this section.

Q3. Thagab wrote:

Hallo! Are there any partnerships planned? Site is ok, but are you going to implement any features like api/apr calculator, max value button, or others features? It would be nice in Allow counter-deals mode to know if there’s already somebody else in queue, from one side or the other of change.

Partnerships — yes, we plan to (and already do) integrate with several projects.

Good question about the UX actually. We have a lot of features in our backlog, like max button, etc. They will be implemented soon. And especially I like the question about the counter-deals. Actually, we have this data in our API that shows the total value of current orders in the queue. Agree that we may show it in our UI.


Fantastic :tada:

Now we have come to the end of section 1 of the AMA, lots of beautiful questions but time will not permit us to take them all in this section.

Welcome the section 2 of the maiden liquifi AMA where questions will be drawn from Twitter

Are you ready Igor Mikhalev Igor Struchkov ?

Sure :sunglasses:

Great, let’s do it!!

Q1. HeyCrytpoBob wrote :

How do you plan to fight against massive sell offs after every claim? Mainly thinking about the use case where farmers sell 50% of their claimed $LQF into $BNB to reinvest into the pool

Not sure we need to “fight” here. Somebody will always sell LQF after claim. And they have the right to do it. But they must keep in mind that they are selling at a very low price. 90% of holders do not sell now expecting that the price will be higher as liquidity grows. So, not a problem — just more opportunities for those who want to buy LQF.


Weak hands sell off, thank you.

Q2. Reynadimega wrote:

What are some milestones to look forward to? What do you predict largest challenges will be in the future? How do you plan to address them?

As the nearest milestone we are now releasing our IDO distribution pool feature that will help new crypto projects to perform IDO with lowest costs on the market.

Then we are thinking of going cross-chain — and this will be our major technical challenge. We plan to introduce the Liquifi protocol in several networks, including L2.


I have a the feeling the team will overcome that challenge plus thank you for the answer:pray:

The last question for this section

Q3 HeyCrytpoBob wrote

can you provide an overview of the planned promotion activities? How can the community get involved? How can we build a united front on different social platforms?


Good question,
We did an ANN today on BitcoinTalks
Guys from @upnextcrypto finished reviewing our project yesterday, we are waiting for release this week. We also have an AMA planned for Friday in the community
Planning a listing on CMC and CG in the near future
As our community is our strength, our community will help in any way possible to promote our project to you. Send us the link in our chat room.


Thanks for this one, it’s the first time the community will see this ANN on bitcointalks :tada:

We have come to the end of section 2 of the maiden liquifi AMA

In this next and last section the chat will be open for members here to type their questions so our guests can pick the ones to answer so get you questions ready!!!

How important is the community to you? and how can we collaborate or help you for the development of the project?

As we wrote earlier community is very important for our project, we welcome everyone who is ready to help us! Everyone who has a suggestion, please let @Bahama0 know and we will consider every suggestion.

Q2. Micha Harkins
Although ETH 2.0 is delayed to next year, but it will solve all exist problem of ETH and become the best choise for dApps in future, so do you think this is a threat for your project and how could you overcome this barrier?

ETH 2.0 is not a problem for our project. The Liquifi protocol is already available in Ethereum. And we will for sure support ETH 2.0.

Q3. Diva CEO

Do the token holders have right to participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

All LQF tokens holders are already allowed to place governance proposals and vote for them. In the near future there will be several features controllable by governance:

- Liquidity providers and protocol fees
- Protocol parameters (like order queue length)
- Governance parameters (like quorum or veto thresholds)
- Upgrades to newer protocol versions
- etc

Q3. Linren xin
Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team??

The distribution is done weekly. About 107M LQF tokens will be minted in about 10 years. And nothing is locked by the team — it is a fair launch.


Wow thank you so much

I hate to let you go like that sir, a question popped earlier today if you would like to answer as a random one:pray::pray:


Do you have any contracts? Recently I have seen some small movements on your GitHub repositories and I wonder for first if you are open for somebody’s public applied contributions and for second what are you currently working on in reference to API and how it affects the platform, performance and make you climb to the top!:) Greetings

Yeah, we appreciate any contributions. Liquifi is an open-source and fair launch project — so everything is up to the community. Tell us what features you want on Liquifi or even propose your solutions! :+1:

Thank you so much for taking time out of your very busy schedules to take all kinds of questions about the project.

With that we have come to the end of the Liquifi AMA maiden edition and thanks to everyone that participated, I hope we have all learnt more about Liquifi and thanks to 9482 people in attendance. See you all next week:pray::microphone::muscle:








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