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Liquity Sponsors #HackMoney2021

We’re excited to announce that we’re sponsoring ETHGlobal’s Hack Money 2021 event taking place June 18th—July 9th!

The application deadline has been extended to June 17th, apply here.

Interest-free Borrowing

Liquity is a decentralized borrowing protocol that allows you to draw 0% interest loans against ETH used as collateral. Loans are paid out in LUSD — a USD pegged stablecoin, and need to maintain a minimum collateral ratio as low as 110%.

In addition to the collateral, the loans are secured by a Stability Pool containing LUSD and by fellow borrowers collectively acting as guarantors of last resort. Learn more about these mechanisms here.

Liquity as a protocol is non-custodial, immutable, and governance-free.

Since our launch on April 5, 2021, Liquity has grown to become the 9th largest Ethereum-based DeFi protocol with over 5,000 members on Discord and a community of 20+ Frontend Operators contributing to the decentralization of the protocol.

Need Inspiration?

We hope to keep this hackathon as open-ended as possible, but definitely understand if you need help with ideas. Our community has shared a few areas of interest over the past few weeks including:

  • Trove management tools (avoiding liquidations, redemptions, etc.)
  • Migration tools (Maker to Liquity, Compound to Liquity, etc.)
  • Auto-leveraging / deleveraging tools
  • One-click multi-tasking using DS Proxy (e.g. claim LQTY rewards + stake)
  • Products that increase LUSD demand by utilizing Curve, Yearn, Pickle Finance, or other integrations.

Feel free to search our Discord for more ideas or ask us in the #sponsor-liquity channel of the ETHGlobal Discord.

We also hosted a hackathon before our April launch, you can see the winning projects here.


  • 🥇 First place: $2,500 in LQTY
  • 🥈 Second place: $1,500 in LQTY
  • 🥉 Third place: $1,500 in LQTY
  • 🌊 Pool (split between all valid submissions): $1,500 in LQTY

Note: LQTY is Liquity’s secondary token. It can be earned by Liquity users and staked to earn revenue generated by the protocol.


If you’re new to Liquity, these are the best resources to get started:

Join Our Community

Don’t hesitate to join our community Discord, get active, and ask questions! We can’t wait to see the awesome products and tools you’ll build throughout the event.



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