5 Google Data Studio Templates to Use in your Digital Marketing Department

Google Data Studio turns your data into informative dashboards and reports that are easy to get the best insights. Dashboarding allows you to tell great data stories to support better business decisions in your Digital Marketing Department.

Here you can check 5 Data Studio Templates that you should use on your Digital Marketing Department:

  1. User Experiences

This user experience dashboard focuses on basic UX KPIs to present your qualitative and quantitative studies about your users’ needs. You basically connect your Google Analytics Account to this dashboard and import all your data to Data Studio.

2. Paid Channel Mix

This dashboard is a great way to have a general view of all your Online Advertising efforts. With this you can easily compare your Adwords, Facebook, Twitter or Bing results. To able to connect all the “not-Google” info you should use a third-party connector like Supermetrics or Funnel.io.

3. Social

You want to have a clear view for only one Social Media Channel? Then the Content Analysis template gives you a clear overview of your channel’s performance, such as your top 5 most engaging posts as well as content types by engagement. For this dashboard you also need a third-party connector to import the data do Data Studio

4. Youtube

If you have an active YouTube account, this dashboard brings your channel metrics and performance into a custom, highly visual presentation. You only need to connect your Youtube Account to Data Studio and all the Data will be imported to Data Studio.

5. Blog Content Performance

Your website has a blog for content and you need to have insights into your content performance? This single page report will help you understand which authors and categories resonate the most with your readers. You only need to connect your Google Analytics Account to Data Studio and all the data will be imported to your dashboard