Ascend Relaunches with Formation of LiskAscend Delegate and Alliance with Sherwood Pool


Ascend Relaunches with Formation of LiskAscend Delegate and Alliance with Sherwood Pool


  • Ascend is eliminating the pledge system and relaunching with a new strategy.
  • Ascend has formed an Alliance with Sherwood Pool. We’ve created a 90% liskascend delegate that will share 50% with Sherwood Pool voters. An additional 40% will be shared with voters who vote for the liskascend delegate and for Ascend delegate Moosty. Moosty will share 55% with his voters and 35% with Ascend members to help finance their activities.
  • Ascend will continue to promote all Ascend delegates. Each Ascend delegate will share 55%. Please vote for us.
  • The “vote for us all” rule to receive forging rewards from Ascend delegates has been eliminated.
  • Ascend values active members. We have downsized for this reason, and will continue to ensure Ascend’s members are active.

Ascend Relaunch

As followers of Ascend know, Ascend was born out of a desire to elevate high-sharing, talented community members into Lisk’s forging positions while adhering to principles of transparency, dedication, and integrity. In short, Ascend wanted to share more and do more, and to do so in a transparent manner.

In pursuit of these goals, Ascend created the Ascend Pledge System. The idea was to gather verifiable pledges and request voters to vote for Ascend delegates once enough pledges had been received. Unfortunately, the Pledge System never took hold for various reasons. These include uncertainty over the novel approach, initial lack of support for signing messages in the Lisk Hub wallet, extra effort required to sign and communicate signed messages, and concern over whether signed messages could be “hacked” to reveal a user’s private keys (they can’t).

Ascend, however, has not lost its desire to contribute to Lisk and to provide voters with a quality option for their Lisk votes. That’s why we have ended the pledge tool and are moving to a new strategy based on the following elements:


Ascend is very excited to announce an alliance with Sherwood Pool. Sherwood Pool has an excellent reputation in the Lisk community and shares a great percentage. Moreover, Sherwood is actively working to improve the Lisk delegate scene. For example, Sherwood is promoting high-contributing delegates like Sherwood is also bringing attention to the detriments of overly-large, highly-coordinated pools, that consistently place self-interest above Lisk’s best interest. An Ascend alliance with Sherwood makes sense given our shared values.

As part of the alliance, Ascend has created a high-sharing liskascend delegate (2259608791513414157L). The delegate will share 50% of forging rewards with Sherwood voters. Sherwood voters who vote for the liskascend delegate will receive increased rewards, beginning once reaches forging position.

Once the liskascend delegate reaches forging position, voters who vote for both the liskascend delegate and Ascend delegate Moosty will receive an additional 40% reward from the liskascend delegate. That makes the liskascend delegate a 90% sharing delegate! Even better, the Moosty delegate will share 55% with its voters once it is forging. Moosty Music is Lisk’s second most popular sidechain according to a recent poll, and is making excellent progress. It is a great example of a hardworking delegate team that the community really needs to support. Moosty, in turn, will share 35% with Ascend members, including non-forging Ascend members, to help finance their Lisk-related activities. Ascend will use remaining 10% of the liskascend delegate’s forging rewards for things like Lisk Awareness (Meetups), donations, contests, and Ascend promotions.

It is our intention to use the liskascend delegate to help lift up high-sharing, high-contributing Ascend delegates in a similar manner to Robinhood and gdtpool. Rest assured, Ascend is dedicated to remaining limited in size.

Promotion of All Ascend Members

While Ascend’s alliance with Sherwood Pool is a great start, we believe Ascend has much more to offer voters. Multiple Lisk Ambassadors, Lisk sidechain creators, Lisk content creators, Lisk Meetup hosts, sysadmins, coders, and educators make up Ascend’s delegates. We have some great things in the pipeline including the Moosty sidechain, a Lisk/fiat gateway, a Lisk incubator, some amazing Lisk tooling, Lisk-related media projects, Lisk hackathons, Lisk-Elements language ports, expanded Meetups, and independent Lisk security audits. We believe Ascend has multiple members who are worthy of forging positions and will begin to actively promote them to Lisk Voters. Please vote for our delegates. We’ll put Lisk’s block rewards to good use!

Elimination of Vote For All of Us Rule

Again and again we have noted Lisk community complaints regarding the “vote for us all” rule. Community members are not happy with being required to vote for all of a pool’s members in order to receive any rewards from the pool. They feel that such a rule strongly contributes to unproductive delegates holding onto forging positions, and allow delegates to get away with low shares (and potential sockpuppets) so long as their pool has enough members to make it economically unattractive to unvote them.

The community has spoken and Ascend has listened. Ascend has eliminated its “vote for us all” rule to receive rewards from Ascend delegates. While Ascend initially felt that a “vote for us all” rule would be necessary to compete with entrenched pools, we realize that elimination of this rule is important to Lisk voters. Instead, Ascend will continue to focus on offering superior value in contrast to the overabundance of low-sharing, absentee Lisk delegates.

Increasing Share from 50% to 55%

Ascend is serious about giving voters a better choice. By increasing our Ascend’s proposed share percentage to 55%, Ascend makes it even easier for voters to find a combination of active delegates that can outpay a much larger, but lower-sharing pool.


Ascend believes that pools have a role in ensuring that their delegates are active in the community. As a result, Ascend recently downsized by several members. We will continue to be sensitive to absentee delegates and will insist that our members remain active to remain part of Ascend.


These are exciting times for Ascend. Our newly-formed alliance with Sherwood gives us great hope that Ascend and Sherwood will be able to lift up worthy Lisk community members while giving Lisk voters a superior choice to their current options. We hope that voters will recognize the power they have to make a positive change in the Lisk Delegate landscape, and will collectively exercise that power by voting for active, high-sharing community members like Sherwood and Ascend.

Originally published at Lisk Ascend.