List Verify Jeet Review — Discount + $14000 Free Bonus

List Verify Jeet Review — Exclusive List Verify Jeet Bonus Worth $14000 Free

List Verify Jeet technology is already in use by over a 1,000 marketers successfully to clean their lists. They are never going to pay hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to an online list-cleaning service again. Be one of the smart guys.

Product Overview:
Vendor: Radu Hahaianu
Product: List Verify Jeet
Launch Date: 2014–11–26
Launch Time: 11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $27

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List Verify Jeet Review

Cyril Jeet and Radu have come up with a new software that has made list cleaning affordable for anyone. It’s called List Verify Jeet and it’s the best, and I mean it, solution around to clean your list. Just feed it any list and it will check each address and remove every single bounce, every single bad email id, or role email id from the list in no time.

Got your list in an autoresponder and you live in the fear that you’ll be banned some day? It’s a horrible scenario but too often real.

Too many careless list-marketers have had to suffer the ban hammer because they tried importing un-clean lists that had too many invalid addresses and bad IDs. Don’t be one of them.

This is something every list marketer will tell you. List hygiene is very important for success in list marketing. A bad quality list will ruin your open rates and drag you down.

List Verify Jeet is a very unique software. A desktop product that will clean your lists for you. Making sure to remove all bad emails, duplicate ids, invalid addresses, role email IDs that autoresponders just hate. You won’t find another desktop product in the market that will do this for you, so if you’re serious about list marketing, you need to have a look.

This software is as effective, and sometimes more effective at list cleaning than any professional list cleaning service out there, and many… many times cheaper to own.

How much cheaper? Well,, an online service will charge you $100 per 10,000 emails, and with List Verify Jeet, you can do it for less than $20.

What you’ll get is a squeaky clean list that you can mail without a worry, or import successfully into any autoresponder without fearing that it’ll be rejected for quality.

If you are into list-marketing, this is a no-brainer product to own, because it’s effective and credible alternative for a service 10x as expensive.

This would be a hot offer even at 5x the price, but right now it’s at a special sale. Get in at the lowest price while you still can.

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Aside from Jeet and Radu’s Exclusive Bonus Package, I have included a HUGE, FREE bonus Package to those who will purchase List Verify Jeet using any links found on this page. Check out these awesome bonuses that I have for your below:

List Verify Jeet Bonus


Affiliate Startup Mechanic (Value: $197)

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to make money on the internet! If you’re serious about setting up your own business and expect to sell frequently, then you simply CANNOT run a successful business without the knowledge found in Affiliate Startup Mechanic — just ask the pros (that’s if they’re not too busy to answer you because they’re busy making money using the same system!)

Affiliate Marketing Primer (Value: $67)

This introductory course will take anyone (with any level of experience) from knowing nothing about Affiliate Marketing to knowing enough to get your first offer on your website. This course will break down the reasons you should consider Affiliate Marketing, as well as the steps to take to start making money as soon as possible.

Blogging For Business

Download Your FREE Guide And Discover How Start And Run Your Very Own Successful Business Blog!

Buyers Generation 3.0 (Value: $77)

Learn how to earn massive profits from a tiny list of buyers from this amazing guide. Even if you apply just one tip from this guide, it’s going to boost your income to the next level! Learn the powerful methods to build a huge list of buyers that will ramp up your profits! Find out how I get my competitors to willingly send me their buyers’s list without using an sort of ad swaps or cross promotions! Leverage on a free viral report to get more subscribers without resorting to Give Away rights or you might end up with a list of freebie seekers! Use product launches to create a list of rabid buyers. Find the people and partners who will push you to greater success and build your list of buyers from scratch! Learn 4 critical points in your proposal to build your buyers list when you approach other marketers in your niche.

Cash Flow Ignition (Value: $21)

Cashflow Ignition is a great product created by dot com direct. On this website you are going to discover the way you can easily make all the money visible and grab all you can although you are a newbie, unmotivated and have no clue. You’ll be able to see the proof for yourself in as little as 7 days from now. You’ll gain complete done-for –you, ready to go moneymaking campaign that has already been historically and statistically proven to the tune of hundreds off million dollars. Once you put this “set and forget” automatic income generator motion, it’ll simply be impossible for you to fail. You’ll get a turnkey website that looks just like this WSO alongside with the product and the download page. All you have to do is plug in your payment link and upload it. This product comes with comprehensive video tutorials are provided on how to do this.

Commission Heist (Value: $29.95)

Commission Heist is a simple yet incredibly powerful affiliate marketing strategy that we’re proven over and over to deliver 50–100% higher conversions than pretty much every other strategy that has been tested. Applying the Commission Heist strategy takes only 30 minutes to an hour or so longer than you probably already spend on a promotion. You can use it to ramp up your commissions on any kind of product. You can use it to create a whole new level of buzz and frenzy, even for older products!

CPA Cash Cow (Value: $200)

Forget dealing with unreliable outsourcers, forget having to figure out a way to tell them what you need and when you need it by, and forget the stress and cash outlay that goes along with that big headache! Whether you’re already making some money with CPA or you just want to get started, we can take that load off W.O.R.K. your shoulders! You’ll never have to worry about creating CPA Landing pages again; they’re included! You don’t have to hire copywriters or write your own articles, to get traffic to your landing pages they’re included too! You don’t even have to do extensive market research to find out what type of articles and landing pages to create, we deal with all of that for you! These are full fledged CPA Marketing Kits that will have you ready to start advertising and making money instantly with the programs you promote!

Domain Flipping Treasure Map (Value: $9.99)

Do you have $10.00 to spare? If you do, you can jump into the world of domain (DN) flipping and start generating a profit on Day One. It’s a no brainer technique that is being used by hundreds of domain flippers around the world who are pulling in tons of quick cash from simple domain flips.

Easy Software Profits (Value: $9.99)

This exciting new Easy Software Profits book reveals the exact secrets that others are using right now to create highly profitable software products that have a high perceived value and sell like hot-cakes. Best of all these are programs or scripting gurus, most of them struggle to even look at html, let alone anything more advanced.

Email Marketing Mastery (Value: $377)

Email Marketing Mastery is the only training course designed specifically for business owners and professionals who deliver high value products and services and who aim to nurture long term trust based relationships with their clients. The course takes you step by step through everything you need to know to win high value clients through email marketing. From building deep understanding of your ideal clients, to getting them to sign up for emails from you, to nurturing relationships via email, to converting relationships into paying clients. And it shows you how to use simple technologies to automate the process.

IM Guide To PLR (Value: $7.50)

The fact is that most people use PLR in all the wrong ways… Whilst it theoretically gives you ready-made content that you can plug in and use ‘as is,’ that’s not the right way to do it. Think of PLR more as a nifty shortcut rather than a complete solution in itself and you’re much more starting to hit the mark. That’s not to play down the benefits of PLR — I’m just being honest with you. Introducing The Internet Marketer’s Guide To PLR. Inside this no-nonsense report I’ll take you through almost everything you need to know about PLR — what it is and how you can benefit from it — and I’ll show you how to use it the right way!

Kindling Success (Value: $27)

Discover how to publish your very own eBook on Amazon Kindle and become an instanta author… even if you’re just a beginner! In this guide, you’ll find out how to research a HOT topic, create your own eBook and publish it to the Amazon Kindle Store.

Offline Cash Super Hero (Value: $32)

I am going to introduce you to a sector of internet marketing known as offline marketing. Offline marketing may be new to you or it may not, but I just want to show you the power and the income potential of offline marketing. I’ve been really excited to put this for you, and I hope you get a lot of great things back from it. This is some really solid information on harnessing your offline clients. I’ll start by telling you what you are getting in this report. I’m going to introduce you to a great lead generation system, and how to leverage your offline clients and sell Pay Per Click advertising to them.

PLR Advantage (Value: $4.69)

Discover 30 proven ways to use Private Label Rights content to your advantage. In this guide you’ll discover: 30 proven ways to use PLR content, how to make use of all those PLR products and content you might have sitting in your hard drive collecting dust, building traffic and leads using PLR content, how to re-purpose PLR content for other uses and formats so you can fully maximize all your PLR content and much much more!

PLR Genius (Value: $4.99)

This guide will discuss 15 versatile applications of Private Label Rights content on your website, marketing, and money making endeavours so you can be a PLR Genius!

Profit Detonator V 2.0 (Value: $27)

Profit Detonator V 2.0 is an EXPLOSIVE 217 page blueprint that reveals all the ‘HIDDEN Principles’ the Top 10% of Internet Marketer’s use to earn SIX even SEVEN Figure Incomes online. Without these principles your online business will NEVER reach its full potential.

Tee Spring Profits (Value: $17.95)

Tee Spring Profits offers strategies, tactics and tips from professionals who have the hands-on experience, qualifying them to teach you how to get rocking on your custom T-shirt design business so you don’t have to make the mistakes that many are forced to experience through trial and error. We will walk you through the steps so that you can reach that pinnacle of success and look down upon the world from your position of wealth and recognition.

The Membership Manual (Value: $67)

How good would it feel to be sitting at home, working and you see your paypal lighting up with recurring revenue every single day? With a Subscription Based Membership Website, it is 100% Possible! Sometimes it just takes the creativity and the know-how to set it all up. This guide will introduce you to the world of how to create successful membership sites.

The Ultimate Social Media Plan (Value: $14)

A complete, no holds barred, step-by-step guide to using social media for your business in the least amount of time. I’ll show you what to do and how to do it. You’ll discover what social media is and how to use it to create social buzz so people can spread the word about your products/services or business in general.

T-Shirt Design ShockWave (Value: $17.95)

Creating your own shirt design and putting them on sales is super easy and requires no upfront costs. Here’s what you’ll learn: How TeeSpring works, and the three steps to setting up your campaign, How to choose a design concept that will trigger the maximum interest from excited and passionate customers, Why Facebook is the essential tool for promoting your designs, and how to get the most out it with free and paid methods And much, much more.

Ultimate Link Building (Value: $9.95)

Outrank Your Competitors And Make More Sales Using This Ultimate Guide To Building Links For Top Search Engine Rankings! For a long time now search engines have been using links as votes, which represent the web’s opinion on what pages users find relevant and useful based on popularity. After years of programming development, the search engines have mastered and refined the use of link data, where complex algorithms are put in place to create nuance evaluation of websites based on this information. Links are not the entirety of SEO, but most search experts agree that huge portions of search engine algorithms are designed around link-based factors. Inside this report, you are about to learn more about Ultimate Link Building Techniques.

WP Crash Course (Value: $9.95)

WordPress makes it easy for anyone to build their first website. Learn how to tap into the power of WordPress. Anyone who wants a website (for business or even just for fun), can tap into the power of WordPress to build their first site. Learn how to build online presence with this WP Crash Course.



69 Slider Stock Images



Bonus #1 — EZ SEO WP Plugin

This simple WordPress plugin automates the SEO work on your WordPress blog.

Bonus #2 — Make Money with your WordPress Blogs

Want to make money from your WordPress blog? Learn dozens of ways a blog can be used for profit, including ads, memberships, PPC and even site flipping.

Bonus #3 — Photo Traffic Power

Use the power of images and social to generate traffic to your website. Which images work best and what to do with the traffic.

Bonus #4 — Domain Cash Secrets

Learn domain flipping secrets including how to select domains, pick up aged or dropped domains, plus a complete step by step domain flipping system.

Bonus #5 — Testing & Tracking Report

What are the benefits of testing different parts of your website. What should you be testing and how can you track results for higher profits.

Bonus #6 — Simple Social Expandable Plugin

This WordPress plugin adds social network buttons and five social sharing buttons such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Pinterest to your WP blog.


WP Total Flex Theme Color Styles





Facebook iFrame Pro ($7.59)

When Facebook switched from FBML to IFRAMES for their Fanpages, the race was on to find a simple solution to creating the new IFRAME fanpages. Well, we’ve done just that! The Facebook IFRAME Pro Plugin will give everyone, even a Newbie, the ability to create Facebook fanpages in just 5 minutes! Just look how easy he makes it to create fan pages using WordPress. In the time it takes to write a blog post, your customers will be able to create a Facebook Fan Page. The Facebook IFRAME Pro Plugin will give everyone, even a Newbie, the ability to create Facebook fanpages in just 5 minutes!

FB Ad Secrets (Value: $9.99)

Learn the FB Ad Secrets the top marketers don’t want you to know about. Inside this report, you will learn how to start out with Facebook ads, different methods for developing ad campaigns, things to know before starting your campaigns, how to optimize your ad campaigns and much, much more.

FB Pirate (Value: $9.99)

Brand new software lets you auto friend, auto post to groups, find groups friend by keyword and much much more.

FB Sharepoint (Value: $70)

Dominate Facebook using this HOT new all-in-one plugin by sharing your content on Facebook directly from your own website. Create viral streams of free traffic that will flood your site with primed and ready-to-buy customers on autopilot! FB SharePoint is an All-in-One Wordpress plugin with 4 powerful features allowing you to share your content on facebook,with whom ever you want.

Instagram Impact (Value: $47)

Instagram Impact is the blueprint to bringing in a lot of real dollars with Instagram. Everything you need to know to get started (even today) is right here in this guide. These are the same real-life strategies which are already used by top-performing entrepreneurs every day. This system is the result of tireless research until each strategy became 100% bulletproof — meaning it returns profits every single time.

Pinterest Expert (Value: $4.99)

Build Your Brand and Gain a Loyal Following Using Pinterest (6-part PLR Videos Course)

Pinterest Perfection (Value: $3.99)

Pinterest Perfection is an excellant 42 page eBook that comes in PDF format and includes Master Resell Rights. The book is a how to guide for beginners on making money by utilizing pictures on Pinterest.

Premium FB Graphics 2 (Value: $17)

Make your Facebook Pages look awesome with this brand new Premium FB Graphics Kit 2. If you want to make your Facebook pages look good, I’ve put together an awesome new package where you get pretty much all the design files you need to give your FB pages an instant visual makeover. These designs files include: Facebook Timeline Covers, Facebook Profile Picture Templates, Facebook Tab App Buttons, Facebook Timeline Cover Backgrounds, and Facebook Timeline Cover Graphics Elements.

Premium FB Timeline Covers 2 (Value: $97)

If you’re looking for some quality Facebook Timeline Cover templates for your Facebook pages, what I have for you here on this page is a brand new set of 15 professional PSD templates that will make it easy for you to create those killer FB Timeline Covers. Now, there are other similar sets of templates out there already, but let me tell you what makes THIS set special… They’re premium quality and much better than 90% of the free files you might find elsewhere on the Internet. Everything is customizable… all of the things you see on these templates come on their own layer and can be customized. So you can change the colors, move things around, type in your own text, etc.. Each template has a unique “look”, and you get 15 of these tamplates. You can use these for any niche market and the best part is you can use these WITHOUT Photoshop!

Social Media Indicators (Value: $17.95)

Discover 70 Ways To Boost Your Online Business Using Social Media And You’ll Create More Engagement, Attract More Customers And Sales! You’ll Create More Engagement, Attract More Customers And Sales. Inside this guide, you’ll discover: 70 ways to boost your online business using social media, Using Twitter in your marketing, How to use Instagram and Pintrest to get free traffic, Google+ and YouTube tactics for more leads and sales and much, much more!



Automated Traffic Bot (Value: $4.65)

This tool will change how you look at search engine optimization forever, even if you’re just getting started. If you’ve been frustrated with traffic generation, you’ll love the simplicity and effectiveness of Automated Traffic Bot. This software makes getting red hot visitors so easy that a grade school kid can do it in a few minutes a day. In fact, teenagers as well as senior citizens are among just some of the users who have seen big time results. Everything is easy to put in action so that you can start seeing the most important result quickly — more traffic!

Clickbank Goldminer (Value: $19.95)

CB Goldminer is a deceptively simple application whose primary purpose is simply to seek out and present to you “hidden” order pages for Clickbank products. Right now you may be wondering “what use is that?” but the answer is that many products available for sale online are sold at a range of price points at various times during their life-cycle — for example there may be special discounts associated with launch days, upgrades, holidays or who knows what else. These typically result in a custom order page being created on the product site which will be promoted at some time but later ignored as the holiday or event ended and pricing changed to something else. By now you should be starting getting the idea — if only there was a way to find those long lost order pages with the special offers and deep discounts! Well of course now there is — with Clickbank Goldminer!

Clip Master Pro (Value: $9.99)

Save snippets, bits of code, html, java and TIME with Clip Master Pro, the code organizer designed to make developers, designers and database professionals more productive!

Competition Sniffer (Value: $17)

Sick of your competitor’s keywords performing better than yours? Fix that right now! Snatch your competitors’ keywords from under their noses! Unlock the power to boose your profits! Why sit around waiting for that boost in traffic and rankings, take the initiative and seize the best, high profit making keywords directly from the competitors.

Eazy Link Cloaker (Value: $4.49)

Get your own link cloaking software with Eazy Link Cloaker!

Elite Mascot Creator (Value: $17)

If you are selling or promoting anything online, then you know that you need eye-catching, attention-grabbing graphics for your products and marketing materials. Unfortunately, hiring a designer to make custom graphics for you can be expensive. If you can point and click with your mouse, then you can create UNLIMITED amazing cartoon characters in minutes, save your time and thousands of thousands with Elite Mascot Creator!

Exit Profiter (Value: $17)

Get your exit pop on every page that you share and make money from any and every link you create! Imagine being able to drop your exit popper onto any web page, piggy-backing off their authority and leading the visitor to your squeeze page, product sales page, affiliate link, CPA offer, TeeSpring store, Cafe Press store, Lulu store, or in fact any web page you like!

Fancy Optin Box Creator (Value: $12.99)

If you’re serious about Internet marketing, you know that the first step to online success is building your own list. You may have tried other autoresponder services to create an opt-in box and build your list. However, those other services have limits on the kind of box you can create, and you could end up with a box just like hundreds of other people are displaying on their websites. Of course you can build your own opt-in form, or edit the raw HTML to customize the form, but you need programming skills to do that successfully. What if you had a way to make a totally customized op- in box? Do think your conversion rates would increase? You bet! “Fancy Opt-in Box Creator” is the tool you been looking for. It’s very easy to use and allows you to create custom headers and footers, choose all the colors, and set the widths and border styles. All you do is key in the information you want, and the software does the rest.

Like Blaster (Value: $9.95)

Harness the power to control social media profit at the push of a button! This amazing new plugin leverages the unstoppable of peer pressure.

LinkedIn For Business (Value: $97)

This comprehensive step-by-step trainings series includes screenshots, text and voice overs by a professional voice artist. In this all-revealing training, you will discover how to set up your LinkedIn accounts and business page for maximum exposure, optimize your page effectively for traffic, SEO for your page, how to drive massively floods of traffic to your site from LinkedIn, how to add easily a product of yours on LinkedIn for quick sales, how to easily recruit people for your business and how to build profitable contacts and make business partnerships. You will already learn techniques such as how host events on LinkedIn to build your brand and grow exposure, how to effectively use LinkedIn’s analyzing features. How to use marketing and advertising to build your brand. How to use group emails and warm calling to build your brand. How to do market research to gain the edge and using LinkedIn interaction tools like groups, to build relationships and make bigger profits.

Quick Redirect Pro (Value: $19.95)

Quick Redirect Pro is an easy to use (simple fill in the blanks) software which requires no installation. It allows you to create instant redirect and cloaked pages with any affiliate program and can be used with any website URL. This software comes with Unlimited Use License.

Simple Membership Generator (Value: $7)

My Simple Membership Generator tool generates the necessary files needed to secure any content you want to provide to members behind a password protection system. Your next step is simply to edit your hidden content page and upload the pages to your site. Direct people to the login page and you have created a membership.



Bonus #1 — Auto Video Creator (Value: $19.95)

You no longer have to limit yourself to boring Animoto style slide share videos just because you do not have the expensive software or technical skill to create speaking videos with great looking effects and compelling messages. Auto Video Creator is a simple desk-top software (Mac parallels compatible too) that allows you to integrate your own voice recordings (using a free tool, that we show you how to use) along with your own images and background music, so that you can create stunning, professional looking and sounding videos that you will be proud of. You no longer have to settle for making simple slide share videos that have no “speaking voice.” If you have ever made an Animoto video or a slide share type video, then you can absolutely use Auto Video Creator too. AVC is just as easy to use, but the results are far superior to just a slide show presentation set to music….Plus you will now have an actual transcript to upload to YouTube, which will give you a lot more SEO benefit than a video without a transcript. This is hands down, the easiest video creation software available today.

Bonus #2 — Google Plus Hangouts Mastery (Value: $17)

In the next 20 videos, I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to make Google Hangouts your personal traffic machine. The methods in this course are REALLY simple, baby step by baby step directions to follow. All you need is the willingness to take hangouts seriously. Once you see Google Hangouts as your television station (and not a toy), this course will have you creating traffic pulling content at will. Follow my 20 step video formula to have the kind of FREE traffic system that you’ll seriously need as Google begins to rely more on video. You’ve got nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Bonus #3 — Tube Ads Genie (Value: $37)

Tube Ads Genie is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to create banner ad units inside the YouTube videos that are embedding in your WordPress sites content. It’s easy to set up, easy to control ad units, easy to enable and disable. Start inserting affiliate or CPA banner ads inside YouTube videos on your WordPress blog. This plugin is perfect for people running video sites or any blogs with a good number of videos on them. Generate cash out of thin air by just adding this amazing plugin to your site!

Bonus #4 — Tube Frame Tamer (Value: $79.95)

Tube Frame Tamer software creates custom iframes! It makes videos autostart, loop, remove controls and much more! Do not let the simplicity of this software fool you as the Tube Frame Tamer will make your life easier everytime you need a customized video player. Be sure to try out the examples and test projects that are provided inside. They will most likely be all you need to learn how powerful this software is.

Bonus #5 — Video Pro (Value: $17)

Video Marketing ebook “Video Pro” looks into Video Marketing: Introduction, The Benefits of Video Marketing, How to Use Video In Your Marketing Strategy, 4 Steps To Creating Online Videos, What To Tackle First?, How to Use Video to Drive Inbound Marketing Efforts, Enter the YouTube nation, Valuable Video Marketing Metrics, Employ Effective Online Video Distribution Channels, How Emotions Influence Video Sharing, How To Use Video Contests, How To Make Your Video Stand Out From Your Competitors and Online Video Marketing Trends.

Bonus #6 — WP Tube Ninja WP Theme (Value: $33)

Are you still struggling to generate targeted traffic? SEO Guru reveals dead simple methods for hijacking FREE traffic from Google with only 5 minutes of work per day! By using WP Tube Ninja, you can automatically rank higher in all the major search engines with our lightning fast search engine optimized WordPress theme! With WP Tube Ninja you can easily skyrocket your rankings and boost your sales by working smarter… not harder!

Bonus #7 — YouTube For Business (Value: $27)

Discover the 3 major mistakes that 90% of marketers are making that are ruining their chance at YouTube success. Don’t become one of them, there is a large profit to be made from YouTube.


Plus Unannounced Bonuses Absolutely FREE!

How To Claim ALL These Bonuses?

Simply purchase List Verify Jeet using the link below.

Click Here To Get List Verify Jeet + $14000 Free Bonus

After you have made your purchase, you will get an email from JVZoo to get instant access to your product and bonuses. Get your bonus links from the JVZoo Access Page by clicking the button below the product access. See image below for reference.

If you wish to have all the List Verify Jeet Bonus Links directly emailed to you, forward your transaction receipt to my email:

You will receive your bonuses within 24 hours.

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